• A tailor made investment solution designed to fully align investor appetite for risk and hunger for profit. Underpinned by robust third party defined asset allocation each of the five Lifestyle portfolios is actively managed by our multi-manager team.

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Key facts

  • Fund aim

    The fund aims to deliver long-term capital growth through an actively managed portfolio of funds designed to align with the asset allocation and volatility constraints of risk profile 3 on Distribution Technology’s Dynamic Planner.

  • Fund information
    Fund currencyGBX
    Launch date02/12/2013
    IA sectorUnclassified
    ISIN codeGB00BG5GM973
    Sedol codeBG5GM97
  • Key dates
    Ex-dividend date 02/04/2018
    Payment date 31/05/2018
  • Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Values may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Income from investments may fluctuate. Income payments may constitute a return of capital in whole or in part. Income may be achieved by foregoing future capital growth. Changes in rates of exchange may have an adverse effect on the value, price or income of investments. The fund invests in other funds and its liquidity depends upon the liquidity of those underlying funds. If underlying funds suspend or defer the payment of redemption proceeds, the fund's ability to meet redemption requests may also be affected. The value of property-related securities is likely to reflect valuations determined by professional valuers. The value of directly held property will reflect the valuations determined by professional independent valuers. In both instances such valuations are the opinion of valuers at a particular point in time and are likely to be revised. Property and property-related assets can sometimes be illiquid. Significant or persistent redemptions may require the manager to sell properties to obtain the necessary liquid assets at a lower market value. Investments in higher yielding bonds issued by borrowers with lower credit ratings may result in a greater risk of issuer default and hence the risk of negative impact on both income and capital value. The fund may invest in fixed interest assets; receiving the income due from such debt instruments and the return of the principal is dependent upon the provider's ability to pay. Changes in interest rates can affect the value of the fixed interest holdings. The fund may be exposed to the use of derivatives for investment purposes; derivative values rise and fall at a greater rate than equities and debt instruments, therefore the value of the fund's investments may be volatile. The fund may place cash on deposit with approved counterparties, the return of which will be dependent upon the continued solvency of the counterparty.
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