• The Lifestyle Funds mean that financial advisers can outsource investment decision making and portfolio construction to dedicated investment professionals. This should free up resource in most adviser firms to focus on advising and servicing clients.

  • We have continued to develop and improve the F&C MM Lifestyle Funds, building on the core principles of suitable asset allocation, define risk targeting and active management with a host of enhancements.
  • Whole of market risk-targeted portfolios such as our Lifestyle range sit comfortably with the trend for outsourcing as they allow you to recommend a fund aligned with your client's needs at the outset and in the knowledge that it will be managed in line with the stated risk profile over the long-term.

    Building a bespoke portfolio to meet a client's asset allocation can be labour intensive and costly. Ongoing monitoring is manual and time-consuming, plus single fund selection can lead to an inconsistent approach across your clients.

    For clients whose profitability does not justify a full portfolio management service, outsourcing asset allocation and fund selection to experts in the form of a risk-targeted multi-manager portfolio improves profitability by freeing up your time to focus on the services clients value most - financial and tax planning advice, plus ongoing reviews and servicing.

    The funds are actively rebalanced to ensure they continue to match your client's risk profile on an ongoing basis, meaning there is no need for you to constantly monitor individual funds to ensure your advice remains relevant. There is no charge for rebalancing and no capital gains tax liability when underlying funds are sold.

    Adopting a robust investment process at the heart of your business can help your clients to achieve their long term financial goals and you to achieve your business objectives.

    Multi-manager diagram