• Our F&C MM Navigator Funds offer access to actively managed portfolios of what we believe to be the best available funds blended to achieve defined objectives, whether maximising capital growth through investment in the finest boutique talent, or receiving an attractive and reliable income.

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  • Our F&C MM Navigator Funds

    Each highly diversified portfolio is actively managed by one of the best resourced and experienced multi-manager teams around – our approach and impressive results recognised in an array of independent accolades from the likes of Rayner Spencer Mills, Morningstar OBSR, Square Mile and FundCalibre.

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    F&C MM Navigator Distribution

    Investing widely for income - investing across a range of asset classes we believe that our Distribution Fund is an ideal solution for those seeking attractive and reliable income returns. Diversification is crucial in this actively managed fund of funds portfolio, which harnesses income from a wide range of sources through the skills of the finest fund management talent.

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    F&C MM Navigator Moderate

    A core investment solution - designed and managed as a potential core building block this actively managed fund of funds offers access to equities and bonds through a range of what we believe to be the best investment funds available. Looking to deliver a consistent total return as well as an attractive income, the portfolio is managed in a conservative and risk aware manner, making it ideal for the cautiously minded investor.

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    F&C MM Navigator Progressive

    A balanced route to success - an actively managed fund of funds looking to deliver long-term capital growth. In keeping with its growth objective the portfolio has an emphasis on equities - blending a core allocation to the UK stock market with the most compelling global opportunities. Equity positions are complemented with a meaningful fixed income weighting. We target the best fund managers in each area, blending individual positions into what we believe will be a winning investment team.

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    F&C MM Navigator Select

    Harnessing global growth - designed for investors looking to tap into the growth potential of international equities. Managed in a flexible manner the portfolio contains a blend of what we believe are the best investment managers, both at home and abroad. Diversification is crucial with 20-30 funds giving access to over 30 countries and over 1000 individual companies.

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    F&C MM Navigator Boutiques

    The finest investment talent - we believe that the very best investment talent is often found away from the limelight in smaller boutique houses, flourishing in more entrepreneurial, flexible and performance orientated environments. The Boutiques Fund gives investors access to real performance potential of some of the world's finest fund managers through our insights, contacts and fund selection expertise.

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