• We adopt a common sense approach to multi-manager investing. We work to identify the best managers in each area of the market before blending their funds into sensible portfolios capable of delivering consistent long-term performance.

    • Real investment talent – we are firm believers in the outperformance potential of the best active fund managers – a view that often leads us to the investment boutiques in which talent tends to flourish best.
    • Talent spotting – we are keen to combine positions in proven managers with undiscovered and emerging talent, mindful of the benefits of investing early when performance generation can be at its most potent. Such opportunities are often overlooked by our competition.
    • Investment insights – we work hard to know what we are buying, developing an understanding of what makes a fund manager tick, the approach they adopt and their style of investment. We underpin our qualitative insights with a proprietary scoring process, combining 16 key factors into an overall ‘iq’ rating.
    • Portfolio construction matters – our portfolios contain 20-35 individual funds, balancing the benefits of diversification with the need to ensure each position is big enough to make a meaningful impact - the latter being crucial as we expect fund selection to be the key driver of performance.
    • Strategic and tactical allocation – carefully blending individual funds together allows us to target performance across the investment cycle. When necessary we will supplement strategic medium-term asset allocation with shorter-term tactical positions to ensure our portfolios are suited to prevailing conditions.
    • Ongoing assessment – as key investors we have full access to each underlying portfolio, employing a range of tools to analyse their make up in forensic detail. The use of Style Research software allows us to assess the overall impact of our fund choices at the portfolio level.
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