• In volatile market conditions, Investment Protection can remove some of the uncertainty of investing by safeguarding the value of an investment against capital loss on death.
  • The 'D' share class available on our F&C MM Navigator Funds protects the value of an investment against capital loss of up to £150,000 on death.

    How does it work?

    If your client dies and the value of their holding at the date of death is less than the amount they originally invested, the shortfall will be paid to their estate, subject to a £150,000 maximum. The value of the original investment is calculated as the cost of qualifying shares less the proportion of any shares sold before death. Your clients benefit from the upside when the value of their investment goes up, but the downside risk is also protected.

    The 'D' shares enhance the funds’ practical applications in a range of financial planning scenarios including ISA consolidation, interest in possession trusts and SIPPs.

    At a glance

    • Receive the higher amount – insured amount or value at death
    • No medical evidence needed
    • Available to investors aged 79 or under when they invest
    • AMC of 1.00%
    • Available on F&C MM Navigator Fund ‘D’ shares only

    Investment Protection is provided via a group life assurance policy which is renegotiated every two years. It is our intention to maintain this protection. In the unlikely event that the terms of the policy change, we do reserve the right to withdraw the cover. Payment of any shortfall will be made to the investor's estate and will not be adjusted for fluctuations in the value of the investment after their date of death.

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