• No asset class, fund or manager can outperform in all conditions – a situation that means investing in a single fund is unlikely to be the most appropriate strategy over the long-term. Multi-manager funds aim to provide a potential solution by blending individual funds together in a well diversified portfolio with the aim of generating long-term consistent outperformance.

    • Dedicated expertise – selecting the right funds and constructing portfolios takes up valuable time and resource even before you consider the ongoing demands of rebalancing and monitoring. Outsourcing to a multi-manager removes the onerous processes of fund selection, portfolio construction and monitoring.
    • Ideal solutions – whatever your clients’ requirements a good multi-manager will offer a suite of potential products catering for a broad range of needs including an attractive and reliable income, capital preservation or long-term growth.
    • Diversification as standard – by investing across a range of funds multi-manager portfolios are inherently well diversified across individual managers, investment styles and asset classes. This can help reduce risk and increase performance potential.
    • Efficient – in contrast to a self-select approach, transactions implemented by the manager of a multi-manager fund do not incur any capital gains tax liability. This only potentially arises upon disposal of the multi-manager fund itself.
    • Core building block – multi-manager funds offer a readily accessed one-stop option for investors seeking a core portfolio holding. Investors can then choose whether to supplement it with smaller, more specialist positions.
    • Cost effective – although multi-manager funds can be more expensive than single strategy offerings, the additional costs are often outweighed by the potential benefits. These include multiple layers of investment expertise, active portfolio management and easier administration.
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