• Meeting the needs of discerning and cost-conscious clients against the backdrop of regulatory change and an increasingly complex investment world can be extremely challenging. The good news is that, by choosing the right partner, you can alleviate much of the burden. Importantly, you can also provide your clients with access to quality solutions aligned with their specific requirements.

    An increasingly popular choice is to use actively managed multi-manager funds investing across a range of asset classes. This can make sense for a significant proportion of your clients.

    • Dedicated expertise – selecting the right funds and constructing portfolios takes up valuable time and resource, even before you consider the ongoing demands of rebalancing and monitoring. Outsourcing to a multi-manager removes the onerous processes of fund selection, portfolio construction and monitoring.  
    • Ideal solutions – whatever your clients' requirements, a good outsource partner will offer a suite of potential products catering for a broad range of investment requirements. Traditional multi-manager funds can meet investor demands across the spectrum whether it’s for an attractive and reliable income, capital preservation or long-term growth. A risk-targeted range of multi-manager funds meanwhile can provide a robust core solution – one that is fit for purpose both at the outset and for the duration. 
    • Solid support – when you choose your partner wisely, you can enjoy a range of additional benefits including comprehensive investment and marketing support.