• The performance potential of defined investment styles – or style premia – is widely recognised in academic research and increasingly, by investors.  Drawing on our capabilities in managing systematic investment strategies, this fund aims to offer access to the potential benefits of multiple ‘styles’ in a single portfolio.

    * Baker, Bradley & Wurgler, 2011; Jegadeesh & Titman, 1993; Fama & French, 1992.

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Key facts

  • Fund aim

    The objective is to produce capital growth, over the medium term by pursuing a global long/short equity market neutral strategy.

  • Fund information
    Fund currencyGBP
    Launch date13/07/2015
    ISIN codeGB00BY7S9K74
    Sedol codeBY7S9K7
  • Key dates
    Ex-dividend date 30/09/2018
    Payment date 30/11/2018
  • Share ClassMinimum InvestmentInitial ChargeOngoing ChargeISINKiid
    3 Inc 50,000,000 5.00%0.55%GB00BDGT6Q93English
    C Acc 1,000,000 0.00%0.78%GB00BY7S9K74English
    3 Acc 50,000,000 5.00%0.44%GB00BY7S9L81English
  • Capital is at risk and on sale of shares in the Fund an investor may receive back less than the original investment. Credit Risk: receiving income or capital due from debt instruments is dependent on the provider’s ability to pay. Derivative Risk: derivative values rise and fall at a greater rate than equities and debt instruments. Loses can be greater than the initial investment. Fixed Interest Securities Risk: changes in interest rates can affect the values of fixed interest holdings. Counterparty Risk: to gain greater income the Fund may deposit cash with various approved Counterparties. Return of the cash is dependent upon the continued solvency of the Counterparty. Derivative Counterparty Risk: receiving the profit due from a derivative is dependent upon the counterparty fulfilling its contractual obligation. Capital is not guaranteed and there is no guarantee that a positive return will be achieved over any time period.

  • Chris Childs

    Chris Childs

    Fund manager

    Erik Rubingh

    Erik Rubingh

    Fund manager

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