• Multi-asset investing allows investors to gain exposure to a diverse asset mix in a single portfolio. Multi-asset may combine traditional securities, such as equities and fixed income, with non-traditional approaches, such as alternative investments.
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  • Our range of multi-asset funds

    We offer a range of multi-asset funds each of which offer investors access to a blend of asset types – such as equities, fixed income and alternatives - within a single portfolio.

  • Multi-asset funds

    Fund name Fund type Invests in Sector/Region
    F&C Diversified Growth FundSICAVA wider spread of investment instruments access a range of different asset classes All Find out more
    F&C High Income FundOEICStructured debentures, derivatives, equities, investment grade fixed interest securities and other permitted investments. Global Find out more
    F&C Managed GrowthOEICA wide spread of collective investment funds Global Find out more
    Pyrford Global Total Return (Sterling) FundUCITSActively managed portfolio comprised of government bonds, equities and cash.Multi Asset Find out more