• Our Universal Multi-Asset Portfolio range

    Launched on 11 November 2017, the BMO Universal Multi-Asset Portfolio (MAP) range, is an actively managed range of low-cost multi-asset solutions. The three funds are risk-targeted and provide a long-term return expectation in excess of inflation and have a capped OCF of 0.29%.

    The portfolios bring institutional product design and expertise to the retail and wholesale market, providing investors with active management for the cost typically found in passive solutions.

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Keys facts

  •   BMO Universal MAP Cautious Fund BMO Universal MAP Balanced Fund BMO Universal MAP Growth Fund
    Investment objective Long-term growth consistent with a cautious volatility level over the long term Long-term growth consistent with a balanced volatility level over the long term Long-term growth consistent with a medium to high volatility level over the long term
    Target volatility framework
    (rolling 10 years)
    6% - 8% 8% - 10% 10% -12%
    Annualised return expectation
    (5) years+
    CPI*+ 2% CPI*+ 3% CPI*+ 4%
    Typical asset class range:
    30 - 50% 40 - 60% 50 - 70%
    Typical asset class range:
    Fixed Income
    50 - 70% 40 - 60% 30 - 50%
    OCF* 0.29% capped 0.29% capped 0.29% capped
    Risk Profile Mapping
    Dynamic-planner 4 5 6
    defaqto 4 5 6
    Synaptic-Risk 3.4 3.9 4.5
    eValue 5 7 8
  • Investment approach

    The range is constructed with a medium-term strategic top-down asset allocation positioning, coupled with more frequent tactical tilts.

    The portfolios benefit from active allocations and bottom-up security selections by BMO Global Asset Management’s fund managers, who are selected by the management team to run the underlying assets.

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  • Meet the Team

    Our experienced multi-asset team has: 

    • 17 years average investment experience
    • 9 years average tenure with us
    • Access to over 300 investment professionals
  • Paul Niven

    Paul Niven

    Fund manager

    Keith Balmer

    Keith Balmer

    Product Specialist, Multi-Strategy