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LGM Monthly Commentary - November 2019

Emerging markets struggled a little for direction in November with the index returning 1.7%, although a lot of this was due to AUD weakness.

The portfolio delivered a positive return in AUD during the month, marginally ahead of the wider market. Emerging markets struggled a little for direction in November with the index returning 1.7%, although a lot of this was due to AUD weakness. There was also a fair degree of divergence between countries. The US-China trade situation remains a key factor driving market performance. The passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in the US in November clearly didn’t go down well with the Chinese and they look set to retaliate with their own blacklist of “unreliable entities”. While hope remains for a “Phase 1” deal on certain goods, there is consensus building that no substantive progress will be made before the US presidential elections next year. This means we should probably expect market performance to be volatile in 2020 as it was throughout much of 2019.

We saw a bounce in some of the portfolio’s African names throughout the month, in particular apparel retailer Mr Price. Positions in Nigerian Bank Guaranty Trust, and Western Union, the market leader in international money transfer and remittances, both delivered decent gains on strong operating numbers. Security selection was mixed in our Hong Kong/China holdings. Positive gains from our noodle maker Tingyi were offset by losses in Sands China (Macau gaming), while not owning Alibaba was the largest individual detractor from relative returns. Alibaba’s share price got a boost from the secondary listing of its shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange during the month, which generated quite a lot of local interest. We don’t own Alibaba because of corporate governance concerns, something that is central in our investment philosophy.

We added two new names to the portfolio in November. Sinopharm Group, which is China’s leading pharmaceuticals distributor and Moscow exchange (MOEX) in Russia. MOEX is the only comprehensive exchange operator in Russia providing services across equities, fixed income, money markets, FX, derivatives and commodities. It is also a fully integrated service provider offering trading, central counterparty, settlement, depositary and clearing services. MOEX is a key beneficiary of financial sector reforms in Russia and increasing financial disintermediation. We believe the business model is strong and well diversified and we like that it pays out 90% of its free cashflows as dividends. This equates to a 7.8% dividend yield, which is hard to come by for such a quality operator. Unusually for us, Sinopharm is also a state-owned enterprise (SOE) – something we typically avoid in China because of habitually poor management and doubts over alignment.

However, one should never paint everyone with the same brush and Sinopharm is a rare exception to this rule with a highly incentivised and well-regarded management team. Like all distributors, operating margins are relatively thin, but a focus on maximising asset returns has nevertheless helped the company generate an attractive return on invested capital (ROIC) of more than 20%. This in turn has supported improvements to the company’s cash flow profile. Healthcare services are relatively nascent and under-resourced in China, thus offering significant growth potential over the next 5-10 years as the government focuses more on both the scale and efficiency of healthcare delivery. Given the highly fragmented nature of both upstream manufacturers and downstream consumers (hospital, clinics, pharmacies etc.), the distributors play a key role in bridging the supply gaps between these groups and ensuring effective nationwide coverage. Government policy is driving efficiency gains by cutting unnecessary distribution layers and forcing consolidation within the sector. As the leading player in this market, Sinopharm is well placed to grow its already dominant 18% market share by leveraging its extensive coverage network and superior operating efficiency. The valuation is attractive at just 12x forward earnings and 6x EV/EBITDA (enterprise value/earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization).


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