Popular BMO ETFs – Now Available as Mutual Funds

Advisors can now access some of our strategies as mutual funds: including the BMO Canadian Banks ETF Fund, the BMO Global Quality ETF Fund and the BMO Global Enhanced Income Fund.

Unique New Strategies Built from Our ETF Suite

Our mission is simple—we aim to provide all Advisors with access to compelling investment strategies. We want you, and your clients, to feel confident in a product shelf that’s able to offer solutions for the full market cycle.

BMO Canadian Banks ETF Fund: A Simple Way to Access Canadian Bank Stocks

The BMO Canadian Banks ETF Fund is a one-ticket solution designed to provide a pure exposure to the “big six” Canadian banks. It can invest up to 100% of its assets into the BMO Equal Weight Banks Index ETF (Ticker: ZEB), giving you access to a basket of large cap Financials that are central to the Canadian economy. Sales AidReasons to Own Canadian Bank-Focused Mutual Funds

Fund Benefits

  • Dividend Growth: All of the holdings have a long history of dividend payouts and raises.
  • Size & Stability: The Canadian banking system is renowned for its stability, earnings and resiliency during an economic crisis.
  • Equal Weight: The portfolio is allocated evenly to all six banks. Canadian Banks have generally rewarded investors over the long term with better returns than the broad Canadian equity market.1
  • Cost Efficiency: Our professional management team executes buy and sell orders in bulk, which reduces trading costs relative to what an Advisor might spend if they built the portfolio themselves.
  • Low-Cost Solution: F Series MER at 0.28% and Advisor Series MER at 1.41%. (Management Expense Ratio (MER) is estimated, as Fund is less than one year old.)

1 Source: Morningstar Direct. Based on returns from April 30, 2012 to April 30, 2022. Equal weight Canadian banks represented by BMO Equal Weight Banks Index ETF, broad Canadian equity market represented by the S&P/TSX Composite Total Return Index. Index returns do not reflect transactions costs or the deduction of other fees and expenses and it is not possible to invest directly in an Index. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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