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November 2020

The focus narrows, but too close to call

Election night clarity was probably too much to hope for.

June 2020

Get recovery ready

Brian Belski cautions advisors to look beyond the negative headlines and focus on the fundamentals.

March 2020

BMO Expert Perspectives: COVID-19 Economic and Social Impacts

BMO Financial Group CEO Darryl White was joined by a diverse group of experts for a discussion on the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


5 Trends Likely to Impact Your Clients’ Portfolios in 2020

Fred Demers takes us behind the Global Investment Forum to help Advisors allocate their clients’ assets more effectively over the medium term.


MAST Asset Allocation Outlook: Lower Uncertainty But Still Plenty of Fear

Heightened uncertainty from trade policy has been a core investment theme this year, but the synchronized central-bank response, especially from the Fed, has been unambiguously supportive of risk assets.


MAST Asset Allocation Outlook - Central-Bank Easing and Trade Détente Help Reboot Cycle

Seasonal scarecrows played differently this year and global stocks registered another gain in October with new highs made in several markets.


Monetary policy is "likely to remain appropriate"

In line with market expectations, the Federal Reserve (Fed) cut its policy rate by 25bp in October, the third 25bp rate cut since July.


Is the end of globalization nigh?

Globalization has fueled the strong growth in the world economy over the last quarter-century. But the pendulum now appears to be swinging against it.


Life after Brexit

The UK’s departure from the European Union will undoubtedly be a seismic event for the country. While the hit to growth of a no-deal outcome is potentially very serious, we at least see a dynamic UK service sector continuing to reach out successfully around the world.


Time to get fiscal?

With interest rates at rock bottom and the impact of financial asset purchasing programs apparently waning, central banks are running out of monetary policy options for tackling the next global economic slowdown.


Decarbonization – net zero or bust?

If the target of zero net carbon emissions is to be met and dangerous global temperature rises avoided, we will need to make fundamental changes to the way we live.


Auto breakdown in Germany?

Selling massive volumes of high-value cars across the world has been one of the foundations of Germany’s economic strength in recent decades. But as the structural switch to electric gets under way, this highly successful model faces severe challenges.


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