Multi-Asset Solutions Team

BMO’s multi-asset capabilities and funds are designed around helping investors meet their long-term investment goals. Our teams work to achieve the right balance between managing risks and grasping opportunities – both elements are important as we work to deliver the outcomes our clients seek.

The principle of diversification is a powerful one and each of our portfolios is made up of a blend of different asset types. Active management is key and strategic and tactical asset allocation as well as the selection of individual portfolio components all play a role.

Our multi-asset range includes risk-managed options providing scope for clear alignment with individual risk profiles as well as funds seeking to provide above inflation total returns.

Meet the Multi-Asset Solutions Team

David Logan
Head of Distribution, BMO Global Asset Management
Joan Mohammed
Chief Operating Officer, BMO Global Asset Management
Kevin Gopaul
Global Head of Exchange Traded Funds
Steve Ilott
Head of Investment Solutions, CIO North America
Richard Watts
Chief Investment Officer, BMO Global Asset Management
Ross Kappele
Head of Distribution & Client Management, BMO Global Asset Management Canada
Ravi Sriskandarajah
Head of Distribution & Client Management, BMO Global Asset Management APAC, Head of BMO Global Asset Management APAC
Stuart Hastie
Director, Private Equity
Thomas Hassl
Senior Associate, Analyst, Governance and Sustainable Investment
Ernesto Ramos, PhD
Managing Director
Jason Hans, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Thomas Lettenberger, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Rishikesh Patel
Portfolio Manager
Irina Hunter
Portfolio Manager
Janelle E. Woodward
Head of Fixed Income
Scott M. Kimball
Portfolio Manager
Tony Cousins
Chief Executive & Chief Investment Officer, Pyrford International
Paul Simons
Head of Portfolio Management, Asia/Pacific
Daniel McDonagh
Head of Portfolio Management - Europe & U.K.
Peter Arts
Managing Director, Global Head of Money Markets and Short Duration, Head of Private Debt, Head of Fundamental Canadian Fixed Income
Mike Dowdall
Portfolio Manager
David Rosenblatt, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Christopher Darling
Portfolio Manager
June Lui
Portfolio Manager
Jeremy Fehr
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ted Bader
Paul Vendrinsky
Portfolio Manager
Larry M. Berman
Partner and CIO, ETF Capital Management
Robyn Graham
Managing Director Wealth Management and Portfolio Manager, ETF Capital Management
Sam DiTella
Managing Director, Head of Intermediary Distribution and National Accounts
Mike MacMillan
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Central Canada BMO Global Asset Management
Stephen W. Andrus
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Southwest Ontario
Mark Evans
Senior Associate, Intermediary Distribution, Eastern & Northern Ontario BMO Global Asset Management
Edward Ku
Director, Intermediary Distribution, GTA North
Jordan Lee
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Etobicoke-Burlington
Christopher McGrath
Director, ETF Distribution, GTA & Manitoba
Richard Poulin
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Niagara
Sanjay Singla
Vice President, Intermediary Distribution
Kirsten Woodhouse
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Southwest Ontario
Emily Mackay
Senior Associate, Intermediary Distribution, Toronto
Stewart Reid
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Western Canada
David R. Clarke
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Calgary & Southern Alberta
Allan Henderson
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Northern Alberta
Mike McCormick
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Calgary, Southern Alberta & Northern SK
Ryan Armstrong
Vice President, Intermediary Distribution, Greater Vancouver
Hamish Lillico
Senior Associate, Intermediary Distribution, Greater Vancouver
Ken Vashisht
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Vancouver Island & Okanagan
Matthew Logan
Vice President, Intermediary Distribution – Manitoba, Southern SK & NW Ontario
Léon Garneau Jackson
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Eastern Canada
Drew Burgess
ETF Specialist, ETF Distribution, Eastern Ontario
Brad Cross
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Ottawa-Kingston
Hutson Myles
Director, Intermediary Distribution, Atlantic Canada
Marc-André Mimeault
Director, Intermediary Distribution
Long Bui
Director, Intermediary Distribution
François Lachance
Director, Intermediary Distribution
Chouaib Nait M’Barek
Director, Intermediary Distribution
David Hsu
Vice President, Intermediary Distribution
Kevin Prins
Managing Director, Head of Distribution, ETFs and Managed Accounts
Mark Webster
Director, ETF Distribution, Institutional Sales & Service, Western Canada
Laura Tase
Director, ETF Distribution, Ontario
Daniel Stanley
Director, ETF Distribution, Institutional Sales & Service, Ontario
Alain Desbiens
Director, ETF Distribution, Quebec & Atlantic
Erika Toth
Director, ETF Distribution, Institutional Sales & Service, Eastern Canada
Rob Butler
Director, ETF Distribution, Western Canada
Rene Dinter
Director, ETF Distribution, Western Canada
Dean Silver
Director, Head of Institutional Client Service, Institutional Sales & Service
Natalie Camara
Director, Institutional Sales & Service, Western Canada
Joyce Hum
Director, Consultant Relations, Institutional Sales & Service
Janine McLaughlin
Director, Client Relationship Management, Institutional Sales & Service
François Hélou
Director, Head of Balance Sheet Solutions Sales, Institutional Sales & Service
Vincent Au
Director, Institutional Sales & Service, Central Canada
Chris Childs
Director, Systematic Strategies
Erik Rubingh
Portfolio Manager
Ian Robinson
Co-lead Head of Credit
Kristi Mitchem
Chief Executive Officer, BMO Global Asset Management
Responsible Investing team
Fred Demers
Director, Multi-Asset Solutions
Catherine Stanley
Director & Head of Global Small Cap (EMEA)
Greg Gipson
MSc EES&OR, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Disciplined Investments Canada, BMO Asset Management Inc.
Irina Pacheco
CFA, Quantitative Strategist and Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Solutions Group, BMO Global Asset Management
Andrew Osterback
CFA, Director, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income – Canada
Vicki Bakhshi
Director in the Governance and Sustainable Investment team at BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)
Paul Taylor
CFA, MBA, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Asset Allocation, BMO Global Asset Management (Canada)
David Corris
Head of Disciplined Equities, Portfolio Manager
Lutz Zeitler
CFA, MBA, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Fundamental Canadian Equities, BMO Asset Management Inc.
Alan Nolan
CFA, Product Specialist, LGM Investments
Michael Gregory
Deputy Chief Economist and Head of U.S. Economies, BMO Capital Markets
Steve Sanduski
Founder and President, Belay Advisor
Luke Casey
BA (Hons), CFA, CAIA Product Specialist, Pyrford International
Melaina Vinski
Behavioral Economics Lead, PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada
Linda Shick
Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Angas Shick Private Wealth Counsel
Hyman Darling
Attorney, Bacon Wilson, P.C.; President, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Eric Roberge
Founder, Beyond Your Hammock
Shannon Lee Simmons
Founder, New School of Finance
Dr. Amy D’Aprix
Life Transition Expert
Yung-Yu Ma
Ph.D. , Chief Investment Strategist, BMO Wealth Management
Alfred Lee
CFA, CMT, DMS Director, BMO ETFs Portfolio Manager & Investment Strategist BMO Asset Management Inc.
Amit Prakash
Managing Director Multi-Asset Solutions
Jon Adams
Director, Multi-Asset Solutions
Leo Belmonte
CFP, FMA, FCSI, AMP, Chief Executive Officer, Security Financial Services & Investment Corp.
John Waters
CPA, CA, CFP, TEP, Vice President, Director of Tax Consulting Services, Enterprise Wealth Planning, BMO Wealth Management
Multi-Asset Solutions Team
Raja Khouri
Director, Business Development, BMO Life Assurance Company
Kingsford and Associates, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Amy Dietz-Graham
Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Brian Belski
Managing Director, Chief Investment Strategist, BMO Capital Markets
Steven Williams
Financial Consultant, Investment Fund Advisor, Investia Financial Services Inc.
Josh McQuay
H.B. Comm., CFP, FMA, Financial Planning Advisor, Assante Capital Management Ltd., Assante Estate & Insurance Services Inc.
Keith Patton
Global Head of Unconstrained Fixed Income, BMO Global Asset Management
Douglas Porter
Chief Economist, BMO Capital Markets Economic Research
Kristin Gibson
Managing Director, Charles Schwab Investment Management
Juan Salazar
Vice President, Responsible Investment
Liat Piazza
Analyst, Responsible Investment Team
Rosey Hurst
Member, Responsible Investment Advisory Council
Emma Lupton
Senior Associate
David Sneyd
Vice President, Responsible Investment
Yo Takatsuki
Director, Governance and Sustainable Investment, BMO Global Asset Management
Tyler Hewlett
CFA, Director & Portfolio Manager, Head of Canadian Growth Equities
David Taylor
CFA, Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Fundamental Canadian Equities
Stewart Bennett
Global Head of Alternatives, BMO Global Asset Management
Steven Shepherd
Vice President, Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager, BMO Asset Management Inc.
David Gorveatte
Certified Financial Planner, Investia Financial Services Inc.
Robert Sharman
Senior Vice President and Senior Wealth Advisor, Sharman McLean Wealth Advisory Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Michael Lem
B.Comm. (Hons.), CMA, FCMA, CFP®, CPCA, A.C.C., C.Dir., Fellow of FPSC™, Vice President, Investment Advisor and Financial Planner, The Lem Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Chris Kerlow
CFA, Portfolio Manager, Richardson GMP Asset Management
Kenneth Lauw
Vice President and Senior Manager of Product at BMO Asset Management Inc.
Chris Heakes
CFA, M.Fin., Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Global Structured Investments, BMO Asset Management Inc.
Udaya Ratnayake
CFA, MA, Vice President & Portfolio Manager, BMO Nesbitt Burns
David Moss
Head of European Equities
Ariel Liang
Associate Portfolio Manager, Disciplined Equities
Charles-Lucien Myssie
Director, Portfolio Manager, Exchange Traded Funds
Chris McHaney
Director, Portfolio Manager, Exchange Traded Funds
James Lindley
Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Global Rates and Money Markets
James Thai
Director, Portfolio Manager, Disciplined Equities
Jamie Jenkins
Head of the Responsible Global Equities team
Jeff Sutcliffe
Director & Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Solutions
Jonathan Mann
Head of Emerging Market Debt
Matt Montemurro
Director, Portfolio Manager, Exchange Traded Funds
Miguel Gandolfo
Fund Manager, Emerging Market Debt
Patrick Newens
Director, Global Small Cap
Paul Niven
Head of Multi-Asset Investment
Philip Harrington
Director, Portfolio Manager, Canadian Equities
Piper Kerr
Director, Portfolio Manager, Active Fixed Income
Raymond Chan
Director, Portfolio Manager, Exchange Traded Funds
Rebecca Seabrook
Fund Manager
Rob Bechard
Managing Director, Head of ETF Portfolio Management, Exchange Traded Funds
Sujay Shah
Director, Portfolio Manager, Global Rates and Money Markets
Rhonda Latreille
MBA, CPCA, Founder and CEO, Age-Friendly Business®
Guillaume Woof
Senior Manager, Investments at BMO Global Asset Management
Pierre Ghorbanian
MBA, CFP, FLMI, Business Development Director, Advanced Markets, BMO Wealth Management, BMO Insurance
Michael Hughes
Senior Vice President & Client Portfolio Manager - GuardCap Asset Management Limited
Donald E. Page
Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor Page and Associates Ltd., Investment Funds Advisor, Worldsource Financial Management Inc.
Richard Belley
Managing Director and Fixed Income Strategist, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Manju Seal
Head of Sustainable Finance Advisory, BMO Capital Markets
Rosemary Horwood
Vice President, Investment Advisor, Rosemary Horwood Wealth, Richardson GMP Limited
Alice Evans
Director and Co-Head of the Responsible Investment (RI) Team, BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)
Nicholas Piermarini
CFA®, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, BMO Global Asset Management
Shannon Hooper
Wealth Advisor, GEM Financial Group
Sajjad Hussain
B.Comm, CFP®, CIM®, Partner, Allen Private Wealth Group; Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor, HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Inc.
Angela Galer-Grist
CFP®, FMA, CPCA®, Associate Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Eric Dionne
CFA, MBA, Portfolio Manager, Kennedy & Dionne Financial Advisory Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Matthieu Bouchard
Financial Security Advisor, Mutual Funds Representative, Group MCB Private Wealth Management, PEAK Investment Services Inc.
Mark Raes
MD, Head of Products, BMO Global Asset Management
Lesley Cameron
Vice President, National Director of Estate Planning at BMO Wealth Planning
Brianna, John and Jonathan Rathwell
Rathwell Financial, HollisWealth®, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
Jean Carlo Rouzier
Director, ETF Distribution, Southern Ontario
Brittany Baumann
Senior Analyst Multi Asset Solutions
John Mill
Mike Veinot
CFA, Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Brad Frishberg
CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Macquarie Investment Management LLC
Sal Guatieri
Director and Senior Economist, BMO Capital Markets
Alex Koustas
Vice President and Senior Economist, BMO Capital Markets
Tony De Thomasis
Investment Advisor and President, De Thomas Wealth Management
Jason De Thomasis
CFP® and Chief Compliance Officer,
De Thomas Wealth Management
Hugh McKee
Head, BMO Partners
Tenisha Elliott
Associate, Analyst Responsible Investment
Angus Henderson
Head of Business Development, BMO Real Estate Partners
Joseph Alfie, CIM
Investment Advisor, HollisWealth®, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. / Myriad Private Wealth
Darryl White
Chief Executive Officer BMO Financial Group
Marvi Ricker
Vice President and Managing Director, Philanthropic Services at BMO Wealth Management
Alexandra Horwood
Director, Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor at Richardson GMP
Nalini Feuilloley
Director, Responsible Investment Team
Susan O’Brien
Senior Vice President and Senior Wealth Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Frank Arnold and Michael Higgins
Generational Wealth Management Group
Hugo Senecal
Vice President, Client Relationship Management, Institutional Sales & Service
Jennifer So
Associate Portfolio Manager, Senior Associate, Fundamental Canadian Equities
Louis-David Gouin
Investment Advisor, Desjardins Wealth Management Securities
David Asselin
Investment Advisor, Desjardins Wealth Management Securities
Michael Scheiers
Vice President, National Accounts
Janine Purves
Senior Financial Advisor, Assante Wealth Management
Reinaldo Correia
Investment Advisor, Harbourfront Wealth Management
Sara Gilbert
Business Strategist & Mindset Coach, Strategist Business Development