Major Life Event Planning


Help your clients adjust to major life transitons.

When life changes for a client, their financial life does too. However, they may be more focused on other aspects of their changing circumstances. That’s where you can step in. Access insightful, actionable resources you need to better manage and guide your clients through their major life transitions.

Who can benefit

Show your value and deepen your relationships with clients as you help them navigate life’s key milestones. Major life event planning is ideal for clients who:

  • Are nearing or entering retirement
  • Have parents, family and friends who may require future care
  • Have complex family arrangements
  • Are recently widowed or divorced

Get in the know

Be an essential resource for your clients. Get the facts on why financial planning for major life events is critical. Because the world is changing just as fast as your clients’ lives.

  • 60% of Canadians feel financially unprepared to deal with major life events*
  • Among Canadian seniors, about one-third (33%) of women live alone compared with 17.5% of men**
  • 43% of divorced/separated Canadian women experience a substantial decrease in household income versus 15% of divorced/separated men***
  • 22% of Canadians have at least one disability. This represents 6.2 million people****
  • 1.6 million Canadians with disabilities are unable to afford required aids, devices or prescription medications due to cost*****

* BMO Wealth Institute Survey by Pollara, March 2013.
** Census of Population, Statistics Canada, 2016.
*** National Population Health Survey, Statistics Canada, 2006.
**** New data on Disability in Canada, Statistics Canada, 2017.
***** Ibid.

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