ZLB - BMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETF

Portfolio Strategy

The BMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETF (ZLB) has been designed to provide exposure to a low beta weighted portfolio of Canadian stocks. Beta measures the security’s sensitivity to market movements. The ETF utilizes a rules based methodology to build a portfolio of less market sensitive stocks from a universe of Canadian large cap stocks. The underlying portfolio is rebalanced in June and reconstituted in December.


  • Designed for investors looking for growth solutions
  • Exposure to diversified Canadian equities
  • Holdings consist of Canadian equities with lower volatility than the market
  • Professionally managed by BMO Global Asset Management

Full details: ZLB - BMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETF

Latest insights

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September 2022

Learning from the past to inform our future

There is a gap in non-Indigenous Canadians’ understanding of Canada’s history with Indigenous peoples. Through market education, investors and corporate actors can establish a foundation for a more intuitive and active approach to accelerating reconciliation, especially related to resource development.
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September 2022

Monthly Commentary: The Inflation Slayer: The Fed will “Keep at it”

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Why ESG and Index Investing are a Perfect Match

ESG and Index investing are on the rise. What do investors need to know about distinguishing between opportunity and risk in ESG Index investment solutions? Read our complete analysis to find out.
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Investing in the Future of Canada: Hydrogen

Could the world’s lightest element have the heaviest impact on the race to net zero?
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Monthly Commentary: Too Early for Fed “Pivot” when U.S. Job Market is Still Booming?

It appears U.S. inflation has peaked, but the battle against inflation is far from over, in our view. The U.S. labour market continues to show strong job creation and intense wage pressures, but we expect the pace of hiring to cool into yearend as rising interest rates bite into economic activity, notably housing.
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July 2022

July Monthly Market Commentary: Recession on the Radar

Expectations for Fed and Bank of Canada (BoC) tightening continue to firm up as monetary stimulus is getting removed at a quick pace to lean against excessive inflationary pressures. Rising rates should weigh on the growth outlook and equity valuation, but we do not expect a recession over the next 6 to 9 months.