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November 2020

Responsible Global Emerging Markets Strategy Investor Note: Diversity Matters

We have strived to understand how our companies manage and promote equality and diversity across all levels of the organisation to support long-term financial performance.

Achieving sustainability in the food production system

David Sneyd is joined by Jo Raven from the FAIRR Initiative to discuss the progress that is already underway to create a more sustainable food production system, including the rise of alternative, plant-based proteins in the food supply chain.

November 2020

November Monthly MAST Commentary: Reset at the White House and Good News on COVID-19 Vaccine

Removal of U.S. political uncertainty and positive news on a COVID-19 vaccine should ensure a robust economic and earnings recovery in 2021 even though mobility is likely to be restrained this winter.

November 2020

The focus narrows, but too close to call

Election night clarity was probably too much to hope for.

October 2020

IMF: "Keep the fiscal taps running"

The IMF has emphasized the need for greater public investment in the ‘post pandemic’ phase of the recovery.

October 2020

November nail-biter?

Given the current structure of the race, a Democratic presidency looks likely, coupled with a very slight Democratic edge in the Senate.

October 2020

Gameplan: 3 U.S. election scenarios and strategies

On the eve of the U.S. Presidential election, many institutional asset managers are searching for answers to critical questions, such as: Who will win the White House? Will Congress remain divided? What does the future of U.S. economic policy look like? To this end, Chicago-based investment strategist Jon Adams offers three statistically viable scenarios – a lonely Biden victory, Democratic sweep and preservation of status quo – with matching sector allocations to help brace your portfolios for any eventuality.

October 2020

Under the ESG hood in 4 asset classes

Responsible investing (RI) has evolved tremendously over the past decade, moving beyond a stylish trend to represent a material structural change. Institutional investors worldwide are making more thoughtful decisions about capital allocation and investment managers have responded by adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into their fundamental processes. What does this integration look like across the various asset classes? In this issue of IQ, we’ve conducted a roundtable discussion where portfolio managers and representatives from BMO Global Asset Management’s full suite of strategies share their perspective: Jennifer So, Fundamental Canadian Equities; David Corris, Disciplined Equity; Adam Phillips, U.S. Fixed Income; and Angus Henderson, BMO Real Estate Partners.

October 2020

No clear sailing for fixed income

As a former director at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Earl Davis, the new Head of Fixed Income & Money Markets, BMO Global Asset Management, shares his unique views on the current opportunity set in the bond market, having had front row seats to the global macro environment and the firsthand impact on institutions for the past 15 years.

October 2020

The U.S. Presidential Election Still Looms, But Risks of a Wild Night Have Eased

Election uncertainty, while still elevated, has improved.

October 2020

The stock market and the economy: Two different animals

The world economy will drag its feet in efforts to get back to where it started earlier this year. It has been floating on a sea of government largesse that will gradually be withdrawn.

October 2020

October Monthly MAST Commentary: COVID-19 Catching President Trump, U.S. Politics, and Second-Wave Anxiety Temper Euphoria, not Optimism

Global equities registered a disappointing performance in September, but the macro news confirmed the recovery was well underway and lost ground is being recovered relatively fast.

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