BMO Partners Group Private Markets Fund

Your Private Markets Strategy. Realized.

The secular trend lines are clear: private asset opportunities are expanding1 at a time when public market’s representation of the broader economy is diminishing.2 Amid these transformative times, BMO Global Asset Management is proud to announce a collaboration with Partners Group, a leading global private markets firm.


This new offering will give institutional investors the ability to access a globally diversified portfolio of Real Estate, Infrastructure, Private Credit and Private Equity in a single, evergreen solution.

A marquee collaboration

With Partners Group, a global leading firm, who manages >$188Bn CAD on behalf of 800+ institutional clients globally.3

Evergreen Structure

Eliminates the need for capital calls, provides immediate exposure to a diversified portfolio, and automatically reinvests cash to compound capital over the long term.

Holistic management

Actively seeks relative value across all four major private market asset classes: Real Estate, Infrastructure, Private Credit and Private Equity.

An Exclusive Collaboration for the Canadian Market

BMO GAM is excited to bring this unique offering to market, with the Fund giving access to the full breadth of Partners Group’s private markets capabilities and expertise in a single Canadian-based solution.

20+ year track record

Managing diversified, evergreen private markets solutions

Robust global team

A deep bench of experienced private markets investment professionals seeks to source opportunities and lead business transformation on behalf of clients


Proven thematic lens

The investment process is guided by three key giga-themes that are driving long-term growth trends globally: Decarbonization and Sustainability, New Living, and Digitization and Automation

Direct focus

Focus on control and co-investments results in the ability to influence investor outcomes and a single layer of fees on the majority of the portfolio

An all-weather approach

Dynamically adjusts allocations based on current market conditions, to enhance risk/reward within the portfolio

Private Markets should be a part of all institutional portfolios. Get instant, evergreen access.

Many Canadian institutions are not as fully invested in private markets as they could be, missing out on the full benefits of exposure to real estate, infrastructure, private credit and equity, and hedge funds.

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Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about the BMO Partners Group Private Markets Fund.


1 Bain & Company, Global Private Equity Report 2023. Includes companies in OECD member countries with more than 250 employees.


2 The World Bank, listed domestic companies; 1996: 8,090 companies; 2019: 4,266 companies.


3 Unaudited, inclusive of all Partners Group affiliates, as of 30 June 2023. Original values quoted in USD, converted to Canadian Dollars (CAD) at 0.7548 USD/CAD.


4 Reflects since inception returns (net of fees) for each respective asset class at Partners Group, as of 31 December 2022.5 AUM totals inclusive of all Partners affiliates. Figures in Canadian Dollars, as of 30 June, 2023. Converted from USD at 0.7548 USD/CAD.


5 AUM totals inclusive of all Partners affiliates. Figures in Canadian Dollars, as of 30 June, 2023. Converted from USD at 0.7548 USD/CAD.


6 Partners Group (2023). Performance referenced for The Partners Fund USD I class as of 31 December 2022. Past performance is not indicative of future results. For illustrative purposes only. There is no assurance that similar returns will be achieved. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.


Any offer or sale of any securities referenced will be made according to the BMO Partners Group Private Markets Fund’s offering memorandum to eligible “accredited investors” under applicable Canadian securities laws.


Statements that depend on future events are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of performance. They involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. These statements may be based on assumptions that are believed to be reasonable, however there is no assurance that actual results may not differ materially from expectations. Investors should not rely solely on forward-looking statements and should carefully consider the areas of risk described in the most recent offering documents.


The information provided is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities, nor should the information be relied upon as investment advice. Past performance does not guarantee future results.


The attached material is provided to you on the understanding that you will understand and accept its inherent limitations, you will not rely on it in making or recommending any investment decision with respect to any securities that may be issued, and you will use it only for the purpose of considering your preliminary interest in investing in a transaction of the type described herein. An investment in the BMO Partners Group Private Markets Fund (the BMO PG Fund) described hereby is speculative. A subscription for units of the BMO PG Fund should be considered only by persons financially able to maintain their investment and who can bear the risk of loss associated with an investment in the BMO PG Fund. Prospective investors should consult with their own independent professional legal, tax, investment and financial advisors before purchasing units of the BMO PG Fund in order to determine the appropriateness of this investment in relation to their financial and investment objectives and in relation to the tax consequences of any such investment. Prospective investors should consider the risks described in the confidential offering memorandum (OM) of the BMO PG Fund before purchasing units of the BMO PG Fund. Any or all of these risks, or other as yet unidentified risks, may have a material adverse effect on the BMO PG Fund’s business and/or the return to investors. See “Investment Objective, Investment Strategy and Certain Risks” in the OM of the BMO PG Fund. In addition to the risks described in the OM of the BMO PG Fund, the BMO PG Fund will bear the risks associated with the Partners Group BMO Master Limited (Master Fund) in proportion to the amount of the BMO PG Fund’s investment in the Master Fund. Prospective investors in the BMO PG Fund should therefore carefully consider the risks described under “Certain risk factors”, “Business and structure related risks”, “Adviser related risks”, “Investment-related risks” and “Limits of risk disclosure” in the OM of the Master Fund.


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