A recap of our 2022 proxy voting in Canada

Proxy voting is a key element of our stewardship and responsible investment approach. This piece summarizes how we voted in the Canadian market during the 2022 proxy voting season.
This week with Sadiq

Bonds, A Comeback Story

January 23 to 27, 2023

Aligning your needs with our investment capabilities

Your needs, and the evolution of those needs and objectives, are aligned to our expertise and expansive capabilities spanning geographies, asset classes, and style such active, passive and multi-asset. Through consultative collaboration, we seek to understand your needs before we get to solutions.

Multi-asset solutions

  • Long term strategic asset allocation strategies employing both fundamental and quantitative analysis to tactically adjust equity, bond, alternatives, and geography weightings
  • Style and factor tilts applied depending on macro factors


  • Access to innovative alternative solutions and exclusive offerings (such as private equity, real estate and infrastructure)
  • Designed to enhance yield opportunities and reduce correlation to traditional markets


  • Solutions designed to hedge risk across diverse asset classes and take advantage of better risk adjusted outcomes
  • Access to significant options managers well practiced in derivative solutions


Synthetic asset management

  • Collateral optimization seeks to strategically source and manage eligible assets in a cost-effective way to enhance overall return on collateral


Global equities

  • Sector focused investment style; designed to be flexible, collaborative, global, and scalable
  • Solutions combining best sector ideas focused on alpha generation and high-touch client service


Fundamental equities

  • Strategies focused on companies’ fundamentals, valuations and competitive advantages designed to deliver long-term value

Disciplined equities

  • Blended strategies combining quantitative and fundamental analysis to help drive better long-term results

Active fixed income and liquidity solutions

  • Active management strategies with rigorous risk management focused on delivering superior returns and ensuring capital preservation
  • Liquidity solutions devised to offer higher liquidity value

ETF strategies and solutions

  • Broad offering of passive and active ETF capabilities across all asset classes
  • Customized ETF solutions designed to meet immediate or long-term portfolio goals

Responsible investment strategies and solutions

  • Deep expertise in design solutions and approaches to meet the rigorous standards of both social responsibility and fundamental financial analysis


Sadiq Adatia
Weekly Commentary
January 23, 2023
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Bonds, A Comeback Story

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