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BMO Expert Perspectives: COVID-19 Economic & Social Impacts

BMO Financial Group CEO Darryl White is joined by a diverse group of experts for this compelling discussion on the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and how businesses  and investors succeed and grow during challenging times.

Historical volatility

Recent volatility occurred quickly but is still within historical norms. Despite an average intra-year drawdown of 15% over the last 20 years, the S&P 500 finished positive in 15 of 20 years.

Market chart - Recent historic volatility still within calendar year norms - Chart image

Amounts shown are in USD. For illustrative purposes only.

Returns are not symmetrical

It becomes increasingly difficult to break-even on investments following a substantial drawdown, making downside protection an important consideration.

Amounts shown are in USD. For illustrative purposes only.

Patience can pay off

Even after the two worst drawdowns in the last 25 years (tech bubble and financial crisis), investors who avoided selling would have likely recovered their losses within 5 years or less.

Market charts - Patience can pay off

Amounts shown are in USD. For illustrative purposes only.

BMO may help smooth the ride

These BMO solutions have the ability to invest in asset classes that offer both defensive and offensive potential, positioning the portfolios for performance in any market.

Investment strategies to consider for market volatility

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Vincent Au
Director, Institutional Sales & Service, Central Canada
Natalie Camara
Director, Institutional Sales & Service, Western Canada
Joyce Hum
Director, Consultant Relations, Institutional Sales & Service
François Hélou
Director, Head of Balance Sheet Solutions Sales, Institutional Sales & Service
Dean Silver
Director, Head of Institutional Client Service, Institutional Sales & Service
Janine McLaughlin
Director, Client Relationship Management, Institutional Sales & Service
Hugo Senecal
Vice President, Client Relationship Management, Institutional Sales & Service
Daniel Stanley
Director, ETF Distribution, Institutional Sales & Service, Ontario
Erika Toth
Director, ETF Distribution, Institutional Sales & Service, Eastern Canada
Mark Webster
Director, ETF Distribution, Institutional Sales & Service, Western Canada

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October 2020

November nail-biter?

Given the current structure of the race, a Democratic presidency looks likely, coupled with a very slight Democratic edge in the Senate.

October 2020

Gameplan: 3 U.S. election scenarios and strategies

On the eve of the U.S. Presidential election, many institutional asset managers are searching for answers to critical questions, such as: Who will win the White House? Will Congress remain divided? What does the future of U.S. economic policy look like? To this end, Chicago-based investment strategist Jon Adams offers three statistically viable scenarios – a lonely Biden victory, Democratic sweep and preservation of status quo – with matching sector allocations to help brace your portfolios for any eventuality.

October 2020

Under the ESG hood in 4 asset classes

Responsible investing (RI) has evolved tremendously over the past decade, moving beyond a stylish trend to represent a material structural change. Institutional investors worldwide are making more thoughtful decisions about capital allocation and investment managers have responded by adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into their fundamental processes. What does this integration look like across the various asset classes? In this issue of IQ, we’ve conducted a roundtable discussion where portfolio managers and representatives from BMO Global Asset Management’s full suite of strategies share their perspective: Jennifer So, Fundamental Canadian Equities; David Corris, Disciplined Equity; Adam Phillips, U.S. Fixed Income; and Angus Henderson, BMO Real Estate Partners.

October 2020

No clear sailing for fixed income

As a former director at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Earl Davis, the new Head of Fixed Income & Money Markets, BMO Global Asset Management, shares his unique views on the current opportunity set in the bond market, having had front row seats to the global macro environment and the firsthand impact on institutions for the past 15 years.

October 2020

The U.S. Presidential Election Still Looms, But Risks of a Wild Night Have Eased

Election uncertainty, while still elevated, has improved.

October 2020

The stock market and the economy: Two different animals

The world economy will drag its feet in efforts to get back to where it started earlier this year. It has been floating on a sea of government largesse that will gradually be withdrawn.

October 2020

October Monthly MAST Commentary: COVID-19 Catching President Trump, U.S. Politics, and Second-Wave Anxiety Temper Euphoria, not Optimism

Global equities registered a disappointing performance in September, but the macro news confirmed the recovery was well underway and lost ground is being recovered relatively fast.

October 2020

Consumer Confidence not Deterred by COVID Resurgence

Many countries and regions are seeing a resurgence of COVID cases, bringing back mobility restrictions.

September 2020

Could Tech Gyrations End the Rally?

While the ebb and flow of the high-flying tech stocks is to be expected, some underlying trends are profoundly anchoring the longer-term outlook.

September 2020

Racial justice: The imperative for investor action

Recent demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd and others by police called attention to systemic issues of racial inequalities and police brutality in the US, mobilising people globally to rally for racial justice

September 2020

The ESG implications of COVID-19: Focus on ocean health

Human activity has had a massive effect on our oceans, and they have not received the protection needed to support a sustainable future for our planet.

September 2020

Liquid alternatives: Opportunities and risks

Finding an asset with positive expected return and low correlation to existing investments can strengthen a long-term portfolio outcome.



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