ESGA - BMO MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index ETF

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Portfolio Strategy

The BMO MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index ETF (ESGA) has been designed to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index, net of expenses. The ETF invests in Canadian companies that have higher MSCI ESG ratings than their peers. The ETF invests in and holds the Constituent Securities of the Index in the same proportion as they are reflected in the Index.

Benchmark Info

The MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index is based on the MSCI Canada Index, which includes large and mid-capitalization stocks across Canada. The Index aims to capture the performance of securities that have been assigned higher ESG ratings by MSCI relative to their peers and targets 50% of the market capitalization within each sector. The Index excludes securities of companies that earn significant revenues from tobacco, alcohol, gambling, conventional weapons and civilian firearms, any controversial weapons, significant generation of nuclear power as well as companies involved in severe business controversies. The portfolio is weighted by market capitalization and is re-balanced quarterly.


  • Designed for investors looking for growth solutions
  • Designed for investors looking to align socially responsible values with their investments using a best-in-class approach
  • Exposure to diversified Canadian equities
  • Professionally managed by BMO Global Asset Management

Full details: ESGA - BMO MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index ETF

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