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3 min read

Where will the Vaccine take us?

Steven Bell looks at what the introduction of the new vaccine could mean for the economy.

3 min read

How can investors unlock sustainable opportunities?

How to embrace the opportunities that change creates

20 min listen

Achieving sustainability in the food production system

David Sneyd is joined by Jo Raven from the FAIRR Initiative to discuss the progress that is already underway to create a more sustainable food production system, including the rise of alternative, plant-based proteins in the food supply chain.

10 min read

Responsible Global Emerging Markets Strategy - Q3 2020

The team at LGM provide their regular update on responsible investing in emerging markets.

2 min read

Why does antimicrobial resistance matter to food companies?

Antimicrobial resistance is accelerating at a rate that could threaten modern medicine. Why is it a material issue for food companies?