What is the F&C Investment Trust Prize?

The F&C Investment Trust Prize is back for the third year in a row. This year, we’ve continued our partnership with City of Glasgow College as well as opening up the prize for all University students throughout the UK.

It’s brought to students by the world’s first collective investment fund, the F&C Investment Trust, which was established over 150 years ago, in 1868. A lot has happened in the past 150 years and the world is constantly evolving, which means we have to adapt and innovate to stay on top and move with the times. To win, we’re challenging students to tackle one of three questions on themes and issues that impact our society today and influence our future.

What's the challenge?

We’re challenging students to think about what the future holds by answering one of the three following questions. Enter individually or in a team of up to five people. Your entry should:

  • Be creative – Submit it in any digital form – for example, video, essay, podcast, vlog or infographic.
  • Showcase your innovation – You don’t have to be a finance expert to enter, it’s all about innovative thinking and how well you explain your idea.
  • Take three minutes max to watch/listen/read.


Question 1. Investing: why and when?

Why does investing matter?

‘Investing’ is not necessarily a hot topic with young people, but against a backdrop of diminishing state aid and an unknown future, how can we better prepare people to start thinking about financial security from a young age? Why do we need to invest and when should we start thinking about it? In short: why does investing matter?

Question 2. Investing for the future

How do young people today provide for their future?

Having grown up against a backdrop of financial crisis and austerity, the members of Generation Z – born between the mid-1990s and the early noughties – tend to be hardworking, debt-averse and frugal. What are the key financial challenges faced by ‘Gen-Zs’, and how do you think they can achieve financial security? 

Question 3. Diversity & Inclusion

How will diversity and inclusion continue to impact society?

Studies2 have shown that companies with a positive proactive approach to diversity and inclusion tend to perform better than their less progressive peers. Do you believe this development is significant for business and society, and how do you think it will continue to evolve?

The Prize

We’ll be picking two prize winners this year. The winner from City of Glasgow College will receive a prize worth £1,000 for an individual entry, or split evenly if a group entry (max 5 entrants per group) and £5,000 for their faculty. We’ll also be picking a winner out of the entries from all other Universities, with the winning entry receiving a prize worth £1,000 for an individual entry, or split evenly if a group entry (max 5 entrants per group). 

How do I enter?

1. Sign up now to register your interest (don’t worry, you don’t need to have your entry ready).
2. Log in anytime to edit your entry.
3. Complete and submit your entry before the 8 February 2021 deadline.

F&C Investment Trust Prize 2020 Winning Entry

Frequently asked questions

The F&C Investment Trust Prize was devised to inspire young people to think creatively about their financial futures. F&C Investment Trust is the world’s oldest collective investment scheme, established in 1868. It was the first of its kind – the first vehicle that gave people the opportunity to “pool” their assets and to access and invest in the stock market.

The F&C Investment Trust Prize brings together F&C Investment Trust’s 152 years of innovation, knowledge and experience with your entrepreneurial spirit, fresh ideas and original thought. At the same time, it reflects F&C Investment Trust’s determination to support and improve financial knowledge across the community and to help people understand their financial goals and how to achieve them.

The F&C Investment Trust is manged by BMO (the Bank of Montreal). In 2020, BMO was named one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute for the third year in a row.

If you are a student at the City of Glasgow college or a university in the UK, and have an current and valid student ID, you can enter for the F&C Investment Trust Prize 2021.

Yes! You can enter individually or in a team of up to five people.

  • There’s no need to write a formal essay – your entry can be in any creative digital form, whether it’s a image, podcast or video. We still accept essay though, if you prefer to write one!
  • Your entry should take no more than three minutes to view/listen/read.
  • The judging panel is made up of Board members from the F&C Investment Trust and members of the BMO team.
  • Judges will shortlist the entries and these will be announced on this website.
  • The shortlist is then open to the public to vote – so get your friends and family involved too!
  • There will be two winners chosen – either individual entries or groups.

1 BMO (2020), F&C Investment Trust PLC Reports and Accounts 31 December 2019. Available here

2 McKinsey & Company (January 2018), Delivering through Diversity [Online]. Available here.