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3 min

Interview with Christine Cantrell - September 2020

In this video, Christine discusses her role, what differentiates F&C Investment Trust from its peers, and why investors might consider a global Investment Trust.

3 min

5 Questions with Paul Niven - August 2020

Market update from Paul Niven - August 2020

4 min

5 Facts About F&C Investment Trust

Find out 5 facts you may not know about F&C Investment Trust.

2020 Annual General Meeting - Fund Manager Presentation

Paul Niven discusses 2019 results, sustainability and engagement, recent developments and outlook. Watch the presentation.

3 min

Highlights video - F&C Investment Trust Lecture

The future: it’s our responsibility – watch the Lecture highlights video.

3 min

4 Questions with Alastair Fothergill

We catch up with the F&C Investment Trust Lecture keynote speaker to ask 4 questions. Watch the video.

5 min

The 2020 F&C Investment Trust Lecture

The 2020 F&C Investment Trust Lecture Series was held at the Guildhall in London.

5 min

How a cashless society is affecting Children's money skills

Third of parents say cashless society will affect Children's money skills....

4 min

Financial worries keep 10 million millennials awake at night

F&C Investment Trust surveyed millennials to see how money impacts them.

5 min

Trust Board Opens the Market at the London Stock Exchange

The world’s oldest collective investment fund celebrated its 150-year anniversary

4 min

UK millennials are big dreamers but have short-term savings strategies

F&C Investment Trust have new findings revealing millennials' desire for financial knowledge.

2 min

Our Commitment to Financial Education

F&C Investment Trust discusses the importance of financial education.

4 min

Saving vs Investing

What’s the difference? How to decide which route is best for you.

3 min

Why invest in the stock market?

Is it a good idea to invest in the Stock Market? What are the benefits or pitfalls?

6 min

FCIT delivers 47th consecutive annual dividend increase

The current financial climate makes the search for income more important than ever.