Then and now: How the world has changed since 1868

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A few statistics on how the world has changed since 

  • Bread cost around 1.2 old pence per pound in Victorian times, today, a loaf of bread (white, sliced, 800g) costs around £1.048
  • An unfurnished house in Holland Park cost between seven and ten guineas per week, so about £30 to £40 per month.9 In comparison, the average rental in London today is around £1,500 per month, and an unfurnished house in Holland Park will be considerably more.10
  • The London Underground was first opened in the 1860s, running from Paddington (then known as Bishop’s Road) to Farringdon Street.11
  • 150 years later, the London Underground carries 1.37 billion passengers every year.12
  • During Victorian times, in the half-mile distance between Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Circus, 20,000 tons of animal manure was cleared every year, the River Thames was awash with sewage and the air was thick with fog. “In one alley behind Farringdon Street as late as the 1860s, there was one privy for a court with 400 residents.”13
  • Today, London’s authorities are committed to making the city greener and cleaner, with legislation on environmental policy, air quality and the reduction of vehicle pollution.



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