Emerging Market Equities

Home to the bulk of the world’s population yet accounting for around only half its economic activity and in the region of 15% of its listed companies (by market capitalisation) the growth potential of the emerging markets is significant.

Our emerging market specialists aim to deliver long-term outperformance (alpha) by focusing on areas where structural drivers like demographics and urbanisation are at their most potent. Conviction matters as the team seek out high quality and attractively managed businesses – their long-term benchmark agnostic mindset apparent in portfolios characterised by high active share and low turnover.

For investors looking to access the potential of emerging market equities we offer a range of solutions including frontier, global emerging, responsible and smaller company options.


Risk Disclaimer

The value of investments and any income derived from them can go down as well as up as a result of market or currency movements and investors may not get back the original amount invested. Investing in emerging markets is generally considered to involve more risk than developed markets.

Learn more about our emerging markets specialists 

LGM is the centre of excellence for emerging market equities within BMO Global Asset Management. You can access LGM’s expertise through a range of actively managed strategies and funds including frontier, global emerging, responsible and smaller company options.

Insights on our team and philosophy


With teams in London in Hong Kong, LGM is an emerging market equities specialist operating as part of BMO Global Asset Management. Learn more about the team, the case for investing in emerging market equities and LGM’s approach to investing.

LGM Emerging Markets

This video was produced before the fund renaming and may reference the old fund name(s)

Emerging Market Insights

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4 min read

India research: the economic backdrop

Over the past few quarters, we have witnessed a rapid deceleration in consumption patterns and growth in India, but Indian policymakers have started to take action to tackle this slowdown.

4 min read

India research: healthcare and financial inclusion

India’s vast untapped market for healthcare and financial services offers significant growth prospects for companies looking to serve it.

4 min read

Redefining the purpose of a corporation

In August, the Business Roundtable (“BR”), an association of chief executive officers of the leading US companies, made a...

10 min read

Responsible Global Emerging Markets Strategy

The team at LGM provide their regular update on responsible investing in emerging markets. This quarter’s issue covers the below topics.

10 min read

Responsible Global Emerging Markets - Q2 2019 Investor Note

The team at LGM provide their regular update on responsible investing in emerging markets.

10 min read

Trip notes: Vietnam - the emerging China?

It’s very hard to visit Vietnam and not get excited about the opportunity.

4 min read

Trip notes: Thailand and Malaysia

Read about our recent visits to Thailand and Malaysia, as well as some of the companies we met with.

6 min read

India: a positive outlook

Our long-term outlook for India remains unchanged. It is the largest democracy in the world and is among the fastest growing

7 min read

ESG Viewpoint - Corporate Governance in India

An overview of the local governance framework and our trip to India with the ACGA

6 min read

China in focus

Historically, we have not been able to find many interesting, really high quality companies in China

9 min read

Brazil: Being disciplined on value

Our key takeaway: impressive companies in a tough environment – but we won’t overpay for them.