Multi-Asset investing for sustainable returns
Multi-Asset investing for sustainable returns

BMO Sustainable Multi-Asset
Income Fund

As well as wanting to align financial decisions with their values, many people recognise that adopting a more sustainable approach makes sense from an investment perspective too. Investors want both positive investments and positive change for the world we all live in. At BMO Global Asset Management, our expertise enables us to offer the best of both worlds.

The BMO Sustainable Multi-Asset Income Fund is designed to offer investors reliable distribution payments together with scope for capital growth through an actively and responsibly managed Multi-Asset portfolio.


Risk Disclaimer

The value of investments and any income derived from them can go down as well as up as a result of market or currency movements and investors may not get back the original amount invested.

Screening out sectors or companies may result in less diversification and hence more volatility in investment values.

Our aim is the best of both worlds: to meet your investment goals and to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable world.

Simon Holmes, Director, Multi-Asset Solutions

At a Glance

Actively managed Multi-Asset portfolio

A blend of traditional and alternative assets

Aiming for two distributions per year

Sustainable approach to investment

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation for BMO Sustainable Multi Asset

Source: BMO Global Asset Management, 30-Sep-19, for illustrative purposes only

Active asset allocation by Multi-Asset team
Stock selection by underlying asset class specialists
Engagement with companies by Responsible Investment team

Building the solution

The portfolio draws on multiple layers of expertise and resource including our Multi-Asset, asset class and responsible investment specialists. Day-to-day, the portfolio is managed by our Multi-Asset team. They are responsible for asset allocation decisions and work to ensure that the fund is best positioned from both strategic (long-term) and tactical (short-term) perspectives.

The fund is managed with a ‘Avoid, Invest, Improve’ philosophy

Investment philosophy for BMO Sustainable Multi Asset


Avoid assets with damaging or unsustainable business practices


Select assets that make a positive contribution to society and the environment


Encourage best practice management of ESG issues through engagement and voting

Investment Process

Investment process for BMO Sustainable Multi Asset

Source: BMO Global Asset Management. For illustrative purposes only.

Avoid and invest – picking stocks

Within underlying asset classes our investment specialists seek to identify the best opportunities. When picking stocks, they implement clear screening criteria around defined product and conduct-based criteria. As well as avoiding damaging or unsustainable practices they also aim to emphasise those that make a more positive contribution. The portfolio targets predominantly direct holdings to allow high level of engagement.

Team in focus - Best of both worlds

Investing responsibly lies at the heart of everything BMO Global Asset Management does. This means we are well positioned to offer investors the advantages of Multi-Asset solutions combined with the benefits of sustainable investing. While our Multi-Asset team is responsible for constructing and managing the portfolio day-to-day, the close collaboration with our Responsible Investment team makes all the difference, from integrating ESG factors within our investment processes to driving improvement through engagement.

Around the world, we work to understand the impact of ESG issues on businesses, build long-term relationships with management, gain local knowledge and use our position as a large investor to engage directly with senior management and board members.

Our 17-strong Responsible Investment team are involved throughout the process: providing guidance to our portfolio managers, researching companies/related issues and conducting active ownership activities.

Key individuals

Simon Holmes

Director, Portfolio Manager, Multi Asset Solutions

Paul Niven

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager and Head of Portfolio Management, Multi Asset Solutions

Alice Evans

Director and Co-Head of Responsible Investment

Claudia Wearmouth

Director and Co-Head of Responsible Investment


people across

investment teams managing


AUM across

*As at 31-Aug-19

ESG strategies and


in responsible engagement overlay (reo®)

**As at 30-Jun-19


Pioneering sustainable investment for 30+ years. In 1984 BMO Global Asset Management launched the first retail ethical fund in Europe

ESG policy reviewed by independent Responsible Investment Advisory Council

Award winning reporting of engagements and links to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Within the portfolio, we seek to avoid investment in companies that are doing harm whilst emphasising those helping the world meet the sustainability challenges it faces. In addition, we aim to drive positive improvement through active ownership.

Alice Evans, Director, Responsible Investments

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