Actions Internationales

Dans un monde de plus en plus interconnecté, il semble logique de penser et d’investir à l’échelle mondiale. Nous offrons une vaste gamme de stratégies actions allant des Small Caps au Large Caps, intégrant gestion factorielle ou encore des critères ESG.

Clause de non-responsabilité

La valeur des investissements et les revenus qui en découlent peuvent baisser ou augmenter en raison des mouvements du marché ou des devises et les investisseurs peuvent ne pas récupérer le montant initial investi.


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Closing Bell

At the start of 2019, investors were nervous and confidence was fragile. But a few days later came the dramatic pivot by the US Federal Reserve.

BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund - April Update

Nick Henderson offers insights into the performance of BMO’s Responsible Global Equity Fund in April

BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund - March Update

Jamie Jenkins offers insights into the performance of BMO’s Responsible Global Equity Fund in March

Opening Bell 2019

This time last year we were enjoying a positive background for markets with synchronised global growth and a surge in profit expectations. Today the mood is very different. Growth has slowed, markets ended 2018 on a sour note and fears of recession are widespread.

Closing Bell 2018

Globally, economic growth remains in good shape but it is worth noting that whilst the rate of expansion increased in 2017 (after four years of disappointment) there has been some tempering of expectations this year.

Italian election comment

At this hour, stock markets are in negative territory, unsure how the political environment in Italy will develop