BMO Trustee Training Programme

A series of interactive, live training sessions designed to help expand your investment knowledge.


At BMO, we understand it can be hard to stay on top of the investment aspects of pensions management, in addition to all the other day-to-day responsibilities held by a trustee. With this in mind, we have developed a series of training sessions designed for defined-benefit pension trustees, targeting all levels of investment experience.

Our programme covers a wide range of topics including macroeconomic basics; the hedging toolkit; combining hedging techniques with growth; and journey planning for DB pension schemes.



Risk disclaimer

The value of investments and any income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the original amount invested.

3 February 2022 - Session 1: Investing in Credit

Learn the full spectrum of credit portfolio management from active to passive, buy and maintain to low turnover. Understand the nuances between each and how to identify which approach is the right one for your scheme.

  • Managing credit portfolios (40 mins)
  • Building credit into your investment solution (40 mins)
  • Synthetic credit: a deep dive (35 mins)

Dates and information on Sessions 2 and 3 coming soon.

Reasons to attend

Our Trustee Training Programme is an opportunity to learn from our industry specialists with real-world practical explanations, in an interactive environment where no question is invalid. As well as this, you can achieve hours of CPD, and also use it as a chance to network with your industry peers.





Knowledge building

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Don’t just take our word for it, see below some feedback from our 2021 Trustee Training Programme.

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What did you miss from our 2021 programme?

2021 Session 1: Introduction to macroeconomics and asset classes for DB pension schemes
  • Macroeconomic basics (40 mins – 00:10:29)
  • Fixed income, growth and alternative assets (40 mins – 1:00:02)
  • Why is it all relevant to DB pension schemes? (30 mins – 1:50:16)

Understand the key macroeconomic variables impacting pension valuations; the main building blocks of investment portfolios; and how to choose the right mix of assets based on the long-term objective of your defined benefit (DB) scheme.

2021 Session 2: Understanding liability driven investment (LDI)
  • An introduction to LDI (30 mins – 00:06:08)
  • The LDI toolkit (40 mins – 00:50:17)
  • Planning for the end game (40 mins – 1:40:13)
Understand how we manage unrewarded liability risks whilst continuing to generate returns in order to reduce any funding deficit. We look under the bonnet of a typical LDI portfolio and consider topics such as portfolio construction, leverage rebalancing and counterparty risk. The final section covers the key principles of journey planning for DB pensions schemes.
2021 Session 3: LDI in practice
  • Practical implementation of LDI (40 mins – 00:5:30)
  • Combining LDI with growth (35 mins – 00:53:40)
  • ESG integration, a panel discussion (40 mins – 1:39:00)

Through the use of practical examples, we provide a recap of key points from sessions 1 and 2 with a particular focus on how different hedging instruments work. Learn how to combine hedging with growth asset exposure to maximise capital efficiency and understand the different ways of integrating ESG considerations into investment strategies for UK DB pension schemes.

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