Is fiduciary management aligned with the end goals of pension schemes?

One clear result of the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) review of fiduciary management has been a reduction in overall fees and to persuade trustees to fully consider what they are getting and need from their fiduciary manager.

There remain a range of views amongst schemes about the benefits of fiduciary management, but new research finds those who have taken the plunge believe in its advantages.

We have collaborated with Professional Pensions on a new piece of research looking into how fiduciary management is aligned to the end goals of pension schemes.

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"Overall, the survey found users of fiduciary management were much more likely to see its benefits than those who did not. Users were three times as likely to see fiduciary management as improving risk management than non-users."

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With the destination known, what does a fiduciary management relationship look like in the end-game? How should the portfolio evolve through time and what services do trustees require of their fiduciary manager when the portfolio is largely de-risked?


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