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We currently manage 10 Investment Trusts, providing a range of investment opportunities

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We can trace our investment roots back to 1868, when F&C Investment Trust, the world’s oldest collective investment scheme launched, and have been adding to our offering ever since. We currently manage 10 Investment Trusts, providing a range of investment opportunities including access to equities, bonds, property and private equity. Each trust has different aims and objectives with the option of capital growth, income or a combination of both and with a specific regional focus or with a global remit.

Risk Disclaimer

The value of your investment is dependent on the supply and demand for the shares of the Investment Trust rather than its underlying assets. The value of your investment will not be the same as the value of the Investment Trust’s underlying assets.

Investment Trusts Insights

Investment Trust
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August 2021

Volatility ahead, but also growth potential for the UK market

Stock markets have been on a wild ride in recent weeks
Investment Trust
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August 2021

Property in the pandemic and beyond – an accelerated shift to higher quality and ESG

How will the property sector look going forward?
Investment Trust
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3 min read
July 2021

BMO Global Smaller Companies – new Kepler Trust Intelligence report now available

Why Kepler view the trust as an “attractive ‘one-stop shop’ for global small-cap investing
View more

Our range of trusts

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Global and diversified

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Europe and UK


Victoria Scholar discusses UK stock picking with Philip Webster, manager of BMO UK High Income Trust, in the IG “Trading the markets” podcast.

Marcus Phayre-Mudge, manager of TR Property Investment Trust, tells FundCalibre why rent collection has been better in Germany than the UK, discusses the future of office spaces and death of hot-desking post the pandemic and why skyscrapers may have peaked and reassures investors about the resilience of the trust’s dividends.

Peter Ewins, manager of BMO Global Smaller Companies trust, tells FundCalibre why smaller companies have lagged their larger peers in recent years, explains why they have been given a boost by positive news on vaccines and discusses whether they can outperform in 2021. He also gives a deeper insight into Japanese smaller companies, explaining why they are benefiting from China’s recovery, particularly in the automotive supply chain.

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