Responsible Investment Advice Integration

Advice on suitability and sustainability

Advice on suitability and sustainability

The integration of sustainability preferences into the advice suitability process and product governance will have a significant impact on fund flows into responsible investment solutions going forward. UK intermediary businesses are needing to implement these changes into their advice models and become ‘business ready’ to meet the regulators expectations, and client demand. This is where we can help you address the following areas:

Responsible investing – market backdrop of regulatory change, client demand and responsible investment choices

With the likes of David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg – responsible investing is moving to the mainstream. Not just through airtime and activism, but it is slowly graduating into the corporate world.

This in hand, develops the necessity and demand from clients for responsible investment fund ranges and solutions. With top down drivers pushing for sustainable financial growth, it brings with it a plethora of new rules and regulations.

Our detailed Responsible Investment Advice Integration guide is here to provide you with further support and guidance on these regulatory changes such as MiFID II and PROD, as well as map out the spectrum of responsible investment approaches and choices available.


Donation/ support of good causes.

Traditional Investing

Limited or no regard for ESG practices.


An investment style that can be found within a variety of investment approaches, focused around different theme(s) such as climate change, clean water, renewable technologies etc.

ESG Integration

The systematic and explicit inclusion of material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis and investment decisions.

Sustainability Focus

Approaches that select investments on the basis of leadership in environmental, social and governance aspects.

Spectrum of responsible
investment approaches

Impact Investing

Investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Exclusionary screening

Prohibitions of investments along certain themes, activities, or industries.

Choices summary

Markets have shifted with sustainable product options now outnumbering other styles. There’s been a shift from negative screening (exclusions) on ethical grounds to a focus on positive screening – ‘doing good/making a positive impact’.

The majority of options are still single sector funds or DFM models rather than risk managed multi-asset solutions with a relatively low-level of options currently available.

Funds and portfolios are increasingly launching ESG screened products, many of which are passive, that don’t contain the stewardship and engagement element that helps evidence impact and influence.

BMO proposition – credentials, solutions and support

At BMO Global Asset Management, we have always believed that responsible investing is just good investing. Over 35 years ago, we launched Europe’s first ethically screened fund, and ever since, we have been building our capability and launching innovative funds and solutions for clients.

As investors, our responsibility does not end when an investment is made. We are active owners, using considered engagement and thoughtful voting to drive positive change, reduce risk and enhance long term performance. Click the cards below to find out more.

Risk-targeted fund range –

BMO Sustainable Universal MAP

Sustainability-orientated active multi-asset funds – ideal for the growing number of individuals that, alongside meeting their financial goals, want to make a positive impact on the world through their investment decisions.

Engagement service –

Responsible Engagement Overlay (reo®) Service

Access our full suite of stewardship expertise and gain greater influence to effect positive change by joining one single, powerful voice.

Our Responsible funds -

10 global and regional funds

Our range consists of global and regional funds across asset classes – each based around our clear Avoid, Invest, Improve philosophy. This philosophy is a framework we developed to demonstrate the ESG credentials of each of our funds.

Responsible Investing at BMO


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