ESG is a mindset,
not an asset class

That’s Responsible Investing

Financial returns matter, but so does the impact our investments have on society and the environment. It’s no longer acceptable to invest in businesses for profit alone, when those with poor practices can have such a profoundly negative impact on the world around us. Quite simply, the decisions we take today define the future for us all.

It’s our core belief that ESG principles enhance and improve both investment returns and real-world outcomes. With a rising tide of people wanting their money to do good, we as both investors and stewards of capital, need to take full responsibility for the change.

As a global asset manager with $725bn AUM1, we have a responsibility not just to invest in a more sustainable future, but also to use our influence to drive positive change. Responsible investing is therefore at our core, informing everything we do from portfolio construction to company engagement. That’s Responsible Investing.

1As at 30 June 2021


Launched Europe’s first ethically screened fund over 35 years ago


One of the founding signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment initiative in 2006


One of the largest and best resourced responsible investment teams in the world with over 275 years of collective experience

Offer one of the broadest ranges of Responsible funds and solutions

Responsible Investing at BMO Global Asset Management


Our Thinking


ESG Viewpoint: Managing conflict risk: Our engagement with companies in Myanmar

In the wake of February 2021’s military coup, we explore how companies operating in Myanmar are dealing with financial, legal and social risks.
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ESG knowledge shared: December 2021

Keep up to date with responsible investing through our monthly roundup of highlights – articles we’re reading, podcasts we’re enjoying, useful videos and more.

ESG Viewpoint: Engaging companies on biodiversity

We explore how companies are responding to biodiversity loss and why they need to step up their efforts.

Our Portfolio

We offer one of the broadest ranges of Responsible funds and solutions. 

Why BMO for Responsible Investing

Learn how BMO has been a driving force in responsible investing and how this has helped drive long-term results for clients.

Responsible Engagement Overlay reo ® Service

Access our full suite of stewardship expertise and gain greater influence to effect positive change by joining one single, powerful voice.


Winner in best sustainable and esg equity fund - awards 2020
Award 2020 for best sustainable and esg investment
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Winner in best esg investment fund - awards 2019
Sustainable Investment 2018
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Winner in esg investing - awards 2020
ESG Investigation awards winner 2021
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