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Insight is the engine of responsible investment, fuelled by research to ultimately drive positive change in society and the world around us.

We use our investor voice to influence not just companies but governments and regulators too, to establish appropriate policies on environmental, social and governance issues.

Our responsible investment team publish insightful research on a wide range of topics and share insights on issues from plastic in the oceans to living wages for developing nations. We can help build an understanding of these challenges and the ways that responsible investment is providing solutions to them.
8 min read
October 2021

Rethinking cities: making urban environments sustainable

We explore companies helping drive the transition
5 min read
October 2021

ESG knowledge shared: October 2021

This month, access our top picks of climate-related content ahead of the upcoming COP26 climate talks.
3 min read

Why ESG and performance go hand in hand

Sustainability-orientated investing is no longer just about looking to manage risk, control downside or filter out certain sectors and stocks. It’s about driving the upside by harnessing the opportunities that disruption creates.
8 min read
October 2021

China, industrialisation and climate change: Do as we say, not as we did

Will China succeed with its plans to transition to carbon neutrality by 2060?
3 min read

Sustainability creates opportunity

We explore how some of the world’s sustainability challenges create opportunity for businesses.
3 min read
September 2021

Plastics – take, make and dispose

If we carry on as we are, it’s estimated that we’ll need 3 planets to support the way we live. That’s a stark warning that the dominant linear model of ‘take-make-dispose’ is deeply unsustainable.
5 min read
September 2021

Responsible investing comes of age

Sustainability is now a mainstream investment consideration – explore the key drivers and discover the issues that remain.
4 min read
September 2021

Winds of Change: Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is accelerating – how can we be empowered digitally by this disruptive force?
3 min read
September 2021

How can investors tackle plastic pollution?

Discover the role investors can play in tackling plastic pollution.
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Webinar: Responsible advice integration part 2 – Suitability

Key considerations in the selection of responsible solutions
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Webinar: Responsible advice integration part 1 – Move to mainstream

The regulatory backdrop, investor awareness and increase of investor choice behind responsible investing moving to mainstream
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How to proactively integrate RI into your practice

Everything you need to know to successfully incorporate RI into your practice

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As responsible investors, we know that actions speak louder than words. That’s why we measure and disclose the impact our investments have on the world around us.

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