Good COP or bad COP?: What to look out for from the COP26 Climate Conference

Glacier against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains

World leaders will be gathering in Glasgow for the COP26 climate negotiations. After a year which has seen yet more record-breaking temperatures and severe weather events, the urgency of taking action is clearer than ever.

Rethinking cities: making urban environments sustainable

Panorama of the city at night

We explore companies helping drive the transition

Why ESG and performance go hand in hand

Wind turbine

Sustainability-orientated investing is no longer just about looking to manage risk, control downside or filter out certain sectors and stocks. It’s about driving the upside by harnessing the opportunities that disruption creates.

China, industrialisation and climate change: Do as we say, not as we did

Aerial view of the power plant chimneys

Will China succeed with its plans to transition to carbon neutrality by 2060?

Sustainability creates opportunity

Shoal of fish

We explore how some of the world’s sustainability challenges create opportunity for businesses.

Plastics – take, make and dispose

Lots of rubbish on the beach

If we carry on as we are, it’s estimated that we’ll need 3 planets to support the way we live. That’s a stark warning that the dominant linear model of ‘take-make-dispose’ is deeply unsustainable.

Responsible investing comes of age

Man and child playing by the river

Sustainability is now a mainstream investment consideration – explore the key drivers and discover the issues that remain.

Winds of Change: Technological Innovation

Woman with headphones

Technological innovation is accelerating – how can we be empowered digitally by this disruptive force?

How can investors tackle plastic pollution?

People collecting plastic waste on the beach.

Discover the role investors can play in tackling plastic pollution.

Investing in our blue planet

Diver diving in the ocean looking down and fishes

The world’s oceans are in crisis, and investors have a critical role to play in resolving this