Weekly review: What will the markets look like after Christmas?

The omicron variant is dominating the headlines. We assess the fundamentals by looking back on a big week for economic data and central bank statements.

Weekly review: Will Omicron Stop the Santa Claus Rally

Woman wearing a mask looking at Christmas decoration in shop -

Last week I explained why I thought equities were set to rise into year-end – the Santa Claus rally. My timing was terrible as the sudden arrival of Omicron…

COP26 – Reflections from Glasgow

Coal power station

Members of our Responsible Investment team were in Glasgow to contribute to the investor voice at COP26. Did the climate summit deliver on its promise?

Weekly review: Women’s wages rise in the US and how a woman might avert a recession

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It’s a packed agenda this week

Weekly review: Amidst the doom and gloom, some reasons to be optimistic

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Macro Update 4 October 2021

Weekly review: will the equity rally survive Fed tapering

Investment analysts looking at data chart on computer screen

Macro Update 30 August 2021

Weekly review: Markets stall on rising Covid cases – is this a buying opportunity?

Investment analyst looking at data chart on two computer screens

Macro Update 23 August 2021

Steven Bell Monthly Update – Global markets: where to next?

Panoramic view of New York city

In his Monthly Macro Update, Chief Economist Steven Bell explains why the world is watching the UK’s Covid strategy, and how it will impact the global economy. Plus views on inflation, corporate earnings and financial markets.

Steven Bell Monthly Update – Tracking global reflation

Panoramic view of New York city

The UK is expecting to lift restrictions further in mid-July. But as new case numbers rise significantly, should investors be worrying about the effect on economies?

Steven Bell Monthly Update – Economic recovery and inflation: the challenge for markets

Panoramic view of New York city

Steven Bell ‘steers’ us through why soaring car purchase and hire prices could be ‘driving’ consumer inflation.