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Will we get a Santa Claus rally?

Macro Update 30 November 2020

Preventing the antimicrobial resistance health crisis

Dame Sally Davies and James Anderson join the Sustainability Leaders podcast to discuss the history of antibiotic use on humans, livestock and plants that brought us to our current crisis today.

Where will the Vaccine take us?

Steven Bell looks at what the introduction of the new vaccine could mean for the economy.

Latest Kepler Trust Intelligence report on F&C Investment Trust

Kepler suggest FCIT’s current discount offers an attractive entry point, given that it has recently widened versus its historical level.

Perspectives on property

Through a blend of listed Pan European real estate securities together with an allocation to select physical UK property assets, TR Property Investment Trust aims to offer investors access to the best of both worlds in property investment.

Less is more? The case for UK small caps

UK market performance has struggled this year – but the plight hasn’t been distributed evenly.

Influencing for good: our approach to ESG engagement

Discover our approach to investor engagement in a drive to make finance a force for good.

ESG engagement: what’s fuelling future conversations?

Over the past two decades, investor engagement on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has evolved from a niche practice carried out by mission and faith-based investors, to a mainstream investor activity.

How can investors unlock sustainable opportunities?

How to embrace the opportunities that change creates

Beyond price: perspectives on value

At BMO, we believe value is more than something’s price.

Achieving sustainability in the food production system

David Sneyd is joined by Jo Raven from the FAIRR Initiative to discuss the progress that is already underway to create a more sustainable food production system, including the rise of alternative, plant-based proteins in the food supply chain.