Responsible Investment
Woman presenting to an audience
3 min read
December 2021

ESG knowledge shared: December 2021

Keep up to date with responsible investing through our monthly roundup of highlights – articles we’re reading, podcasts we’re enjoying, useful videos and more.
Responsible Investment
3 min read
December 2021

ESG Viewpoint: Engaging companies on biodiversity

We explore how companies are responding to biodiversity loss and why they need to step up their efforts.
Responsible Investment
Shoal of fish
4 min read
November 2021

Did the biodiversity summit deliver? Assessing COP15 part 1

The rate of biodiversity and ecosystem loss means we’re in a race against time to protect the earth’s life support systems.
Investment Trust
Lots of containers on the ship
6 min read
November 2021

Solving the growth conundrum

Is the global economy about to come to a shuddering halt?
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6 min watch
November 2021

Weekly review: Will Omicron Stop the Santa Claus Rally

Last week I explained why I thought equities were set to rise into year-end – the Santa Claus rally. My timing was terrible as the sudden arrival of Omicron…
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5 min read
November 2021

Time to prune back on fixed income?

Kelly Prior takes a closer look at fixed income – an asset class where pickings are slim, and managers are having to work harder for returns