BMO Junior Investment Account

As children grow so can their savings

This plan is an easy and tax-efficient way to invest in the global stock market for the child in your life. 

It provides an affordable way for parents and grandparents to build a savings pot for their little ones without any investment limits. A great option if you’ve already maxed out a Junior ISA or CTF. Unlike our other two children’s plans you decide when to gift the money to them.

Any funds accrued in the Junior Investment Account are also free from inheritance tax. 

Why choose a BMO Junior Investment Account?

Benefit from our expertise

Our experienced fund managers make informed investment decisions for you. We invest in a range of equities, bonds, property and private equity and have been helping customers since 1817.

Investment trust options

Whether you’re looking for growth or income, join over 100,000 UK Investors and create an investment portfolio that meets your needs with our 10 Investment Trusts.

No online dealing charges

By making an investment using our Investor Portal, you won’t pay any dealing charges. Government stamp duty and Annual Management Charges apply.

Responsible Investment

For over 35 years, we have led the way in responsible investment. We’ve engaged with over 5,500 companies to ensure that generating returns for our investors does not come at the expense of the real world in which we all live.

Let's talk about risk

The value of your investments and any income from them can go down as well as up and you may not get back the original amount invested.

BMO Asset Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and assets are protected by the  Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Invest in a BMO JIA through our 10 investment trusts

With a BMO Junior Investment Account you invest through our diverse range of Investment Trusts. Our 10 investment trusts provide a range of investment opportunities, including access to equities, bonds, property and private equity.

Each trust has different aims and strategies. You can select a trust that aims for capital growth, income or both. Some have a specific regional focus, while others take a global approach.

Please see the Key Information Documents (KIDs) for further details on the risks for each trust. View the latest performance of our Investment Trusts.

A cost effective way to invest

Invest from as little as £25, with no dealing charges on investments made by a monthly direct debit. One-off contributions, sales and switches can be made online without any dealing charges. If you need to send instructions via post, there will be a £12 charge for each fund selected.

There’s an annual charge of £25 + VAT for the BMO Junior Investment Account and Government stamp duty of 0.5% applies on purchases of UK shares.

Make sure you read the pre-sales costs disclosure before you invest.

How can I open a BMO Junior Investment Account?

Investing in a BMO JIA is straightforward.

Choose the investment trust(s) that best suits your investment needs and finally, decide how much to invest. Please make sure you read the Key Features and Terms & Conditions, the relevant Key Information Document and Pre-Sales Disclosure documents.

Our investor portal is the quickest and most cost-effective way to invest. You can set-up a monthly direct debit or invest a lump sum using your debit card. Alternatively, you can download an application form and send it into us.

Our Junior Investment Account video

BMO Junior Investment Account
The BMO Junior Investment Account is a straightforward way to invest in the global stock market through our award-winning investment trusts.

More information

The Key Features gives full details about how the BMO JIA works and you should read this before investing.  However, here are the answers to some questions you may have if you are considering opening a BMO JIA.

The BMO Junior Investment Account is a flexible way to save for the child in your life and capture the growth potential of the stock market.

Complete flexibility – unlike the Junior ISA and Child Trust Fund (CTF) there’s no investment limit and you can decide when you gift the money to the child. If you set the plan up in your name or the child’s you can also make withdrawals related to the child, making it ideal for childcare costs, school trip funds or even school fees.

Maximise your inheritance tax advantages – grandparents who are saving for their grandchildren can reduce their inheritance tax (IHT) liability as sums gifted to the child are free of IHT if the donor lives for seven years after making the gift.

Junior Investment Account – Retaining ownership

Retaining ownership means you can keep control of your investments and access the money before your child reaches 18.

This flexibility means you can use it for day-to-day expenses, like school fees, sports equipment or other necessities. The plan is held in your name with the child’s name as a designation. This will usually be done by putting their initial on the account name. You can then transfer the account into your child’s name when they are 18, or you can decide to keep it in your name.

Junior Investment Account – Gifting ownership

By deciding to give ownership to the child, the funds are given to the child now. However, as children under 18 cannot be the legal owner of an account, you can appoint up to four adults to look after the investment on behalf of the child. This has the benefit that it would not form part of your estate for inheritance tax purposes. You will not be able to access the money as the assets belong to the child.

However, withdrawals can be made for the child’s expenses. If you’re a trustee you’ll have legal control over the plan until the child reaches legal capacity. That is 18 years old in England and 16 years old in Scotland.

Anyone can open a JIA, not just the child’s parents.

Got questions about the BMO Junior Investment Account?

Frequently Asked Questions

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