BMO Junior ISA

What is a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA?

A Stocks and Shares Junior ISA allows you to invest tax-efficiently for the child in your life with a current annual limit of £9,000 for the 2022/23 tax year. A Junior ISA is an account that acts as a wrapper to hold a range of different investments. The right Junior ISA for you depends on your goals and your attitude towards risk.

The BMO Junior ISA lets you tap into the potential of the stock market and the skills of our fund managers to potentially help your child with those future problems, such as university fees, a house deposit or that dream trip around the world.

Why choose a BMO Junior ISA?

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Award-winning Junior ISA

Online Personal Wealth Awards 2020 – Best Junior ISA Provider

Let's talk about risk

Like all investments, our Stocks and Shares Junior ISA comes with a level of risk. Because the money in the account is invested in stocks and shares, the value of your investments can both rise and fall. That means your child might get back less than you originally put in. A Junior ISA account is available to any child under the age of 18 who lives in the UK, unless they have a Child Trust Fund – in which case, they won’t be eligible.

Remember, a Junior ISA belongs to the child. Only they can withdraw the funds when they turn 18, so consider this savings product a long-term investment. Be aware that tax rules may change in the future, and tax treatment depends on your child’s individual circumstances. ­

A cost effective way to invest

  • Invest up to a maximum of £9,000 in the 2022/23 tax year.
  • Invest from as little as £25 per month, with no dealing charges on investments made by a monthly direct debit.
  • You can also make one-off contributions from £100. Investment instructions can be made online without any dealing charges. If you need to send instructions via post, there will be a £12 charge for each fund selected.
  • There’s an annual charge of £25 + VAT for the BMO Junior ISA and Government stamp duty of 0.5% applies on purchases of UK shares.
  • Friends and family can gift money to your child’s account too – whether they are grandparents, godparents, or friends.

Make sure you read the pre-sales costs disclosure before you invest. You will need to sign a declaration on our forms that confirm you have read it.

Advertisement saying that equivalent to 0.33% if utilising the full 9,000 pounds yearly allowance

Invest in a BMO Junior ISA through our 10 investment trusts

A BMO Stocks and Shares Junior ISA allows you to choose from a diverse range of investment trusts. These trusts offer you different ways to invest, such as in equities, bonds, property, and private equity. Choosing a mixture of these trusts enables you to spread your investments and potentially minimise risk.

Each trust operates differently. You can pick options that focus on capital growth, income, or both. Some invest in the UK, while others take a global approach.

Please see the Key Information Documents (KIDs) for further details on the risks for each trust. View the latest performance of our Investment Trusts.

How can I open a BMO Junior ISA?

Investing in a BMO Junior ISA is straightforward

Choose the investment trust(s) that best suits your investment needs and finally, decide how much to invest. Please make sure you read the Key Features and Terms & Conditions, the relevant Key Information Document and Pre-Sale Disclosure documents.

Our investor portal is the quickest and most cost-effective way to invest. You can set-up a monthly direct debit or invest a lump sum using your debit card. Alternatively, you can download an application form and send it into us.

How can I transfer my Junior ISA to BMO?

Switching your Junior ISA to us is easy, all you need to do is complete a transfer form and we will take care of the rest. The process can take between four and six weeks.

If you’re looking to transfer money you’ve invested in a Junior ISA during the current year, you must transfer all of it. For investments you’ve made in previous years, you can transfer some or all of your savings.

It’s important that you do this because, if you make a withdrawal from the Junior ISA without following this procedure, you will not be allowed to reinvest that amount of your tax-efficient allowance again.

Our Stocks & Shares Junior ISA

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What is a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA? A Stocks and Shares Junior ISA is a popular tax-efficient investment account for the child in your life.

It provides both the opportunity to invest in the stock market and to tailor your Junior ISA to your needs through access to our range of investment trusts and the skills of our fund managers, making it ideal to give the child as much of a head start as possible to help pay for things like university fees, a car or a deposit on their first home.

Plus, the whole family can chip into the pot to help it grow until the child can access the investment at 18.

The Junior ISA “the tax-efficient, anyone can chip in, keep the kids’ hands off it until they’re old enough” investment plan.

More information

The Key Features gives full details about how the BMO JISA works and you should read this before investing.  However, here are the answers to some questions you may have if you are considering opening a BMO JISA.

Can my child have a Junior ISA?

You can open a Junior ISA for children (under 18) who live in the UK. Only parents (or those with parental responsibility) can open a Junior ISA for them.

My child has a Child Trust Fund (CTF), can they also have a Junior ISA?

If your child already has a CTF they cannot also have a Junior ISA. You can however, transfer a CTF into a Junior ISA. We’ll open your Junior ISA for you as part of the transfer application process – simply download and complete the form and we’ll do everything else. It’s not possible to transfer a CTF to a Junior ISA online.

How can other people make contributions into the Junior ISA?

Grandparents, godparents, friends and relatives can all contribute to your child’s Junior ISA by using our Junior ISA top-up form. Only the Registered Contact is allowed to make investment decisions. 

Who has control over the account?

Until the child reaches 16 the parent who opens the account (Registered Contact) can choose the type of investments held. From 16, to help the child develop a more thorough understanding of how savings work, they can control the investment decisions should they wish – though they cannot make any withdrawals until they reach 18.

Can I make withdrawals from the Junior ISA?

No, funds in the Junior ISA cannot be withdrawn until the child reaches 18.

Got questions about the BMO Junior ISA?

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