Over three days a selection of our investment managers, economists and strategists congregated in London for our annual Global Investment Forum (GIF).

With sessions covering key geographic regions and topical themes like artificial intelligence and tensions around international trade, the Forum is designed to lift our eyes from the day-to-day market noise and focus our attention on key market drivers over the medium term.

Take a look at the video for perspectives on:
  • The state of the world economy
  • Intangibles – extending the cycle
  • US recession
  • Trade wars
  • Oil – assessing supply and demand
  • Emerging market attractions
Global Investment Forum v2

At a glance

  • The global economy is in an extended expansion phase
  • Risk assets are well placed, underpinned by a benign inflationary backdrop
  • Rich market valuations and rising interest rates will weigh on bonds
  • Confidence could dip if central banks turn too aggressive

In-depth analysis and views

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