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Responsible about investment

At BMO we invest with a purpose – to boldly grow the good. Our focus is simple: to help our clients meet their investment goals, while also building a more sustainable and secure future for us all.

We understand that each of our clients has individual circumstances, together with specific needs and requirements. Our job is to consider these and deliver their desired outcomes. Doing this well, in a fast moving and interconnected world, requires both a global perspective and an appreciation of local circumstances.

These are strengths you can find at BMO Global Asset Management.

Capabilities that count

With specialist teams operating within our investment hubs we have capabilities across asset classes – a connected platform from which we can build and offer an extensive suite of client-focused solutions and strategies. Our teams work in a collaborative culture, sharing knowledge and insights to enhance investment potential. With offices in over 20 locations, and a diverse mix of 1,200 people managing assets for clients ranging from global institutions to investment advisers and retail investors, our business is positioned to see the bigger picture whilst never losing focus of individual needs.

Responsible Ownership

The Securities & Futures Commission published the Principles of Responsible Ownership (the “Principles”) in March 2016, which aim to improve the corporate governance culture in Hong Kong by providing guidance on how investors should fulfill their ownership responsibilities in relation to their investments in Hong Kong listed companies. BMO Global Asset Management (Asia) Limited has adopted the Principles.

BMO Global Asset Management (Asia) Limited, being part of BMO Global Asset Management (“BMO GAM”), adopts BMO GAM Responsible Investment Approach and has applied BMO GAM voting policies set out in Corporate Governance Guidelines and Conflict of Interest Policy – Proxy Voting (“BMO Global RI Documents”).

BMO Global Asset Management (Asia) Limited has complied with BMO Global RI Documents for the year ended  December 31, 2020.

We disclose our votes and comments on BMO GAM website. A summary of our voting statistics can also be found in our annual Responsible Investment Review report.

A strong parent company – BMO Financial Group

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More than 12 million customers count on us for personal and commercial banking, wealth management and investment services.

Everything we do is focused on building, investing and transforming how we work to drive progress alongside profit and create value that extends far beyond the bottom line.

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