Real Estate

Real assets like commercial property can play an important role in a portfolio – providing scope for growth and income as well as offering balance to other investment types like equities and bonds.

At BMO Global Asset Management we have a range of specialist property capabilities. Our colleagues at BMO Real Estate Partners invest directly in commercial properties in the UK and across Europe whilst our property equities team primarily focus on opportunities among listed real estate businesses.

Our range includes physical property, listed property and blended options with outcomes spanning income, growth and absolute return.

Risk Disclaimer

The value of property investments reflects the opinion of valuers and is reviewed periodically. These assets can also be illiquid.

Direct property investment

BMO Real Estate Partners is a property specialist operating as part of BMO Global Asset Management. Our sole purpose is to create and manage successful property investments and asset management opportunities across a wide range of real estate markets in the UK and Europe. You can access BMO’s Real Estate Partners’ expertise through a range of structures including listed investment companies and open-ended funds.

Indirect property investment

Our property equities team are primarily focused on listed real estate securities – a diverse and often under-researched opportunity set. The team are active in their approach – adjusting exposure to individual companies as well as sub-sectors and geographic weightings.

Our range includes closed-ended, UK focused, regional, global and absolute return orientated strategies.

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