Following our announcement earlier in the year, we’re pleased to confirm that from 12th November our F&C funds have now been renamed to BMO. The full list of funds that have been renamed is available on this spreadsheet.

Making things simpler

We’re keen to keep our offering to clients as intuitive as possible, and bringing all our fund names together under the BMO brand makes finding information on our range of funds much easier.

Nothing to do

You don’t have to do anything with regards to existing investments – the name changes haven’t affected the way the investments are managed, and haven’t cost existing clients anything. You simply need to search under ‘BMO’ instead of ‘F&C’ when looking for our range of funds.

Want to know more?

The details of all the fund changes are included in this spreadsheet. Below is a list of the current and new legal entities and umbrella names. Please note this list does not include funds already branded BMO. 

The spreadsheet is split by country in which a fund is registered for sale, and within each list it can be filtered by ISIN, fund name or umbrella name. Fund names are subject to Regulatory and shareholder approval as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

BMO has a long and proud history and a very strong brand in North America and have been building the brand in EMEA over the past three years. Under the BMO name we will continue to execute on our ambitious plans to expand globally, remain client centric, deliver consistent and reliable investment performance and innovate new products.

Our business to business clients will already be familiar with BMO as our client management team has been operating under the BMO brand for three years.

The investment we have made in the business and the BMO Global Asset Management brand in EMEA over the past three years provides us with a solid platform from which to now take another step towards our unified brand ambition, as we continue our growth in the UK, EMEA and globally.

Both entities are investment specialists within BMO Global Asset Management and while retaining their own brands, both continue to maximise the overarching BMO Global Asset Management brand.

Quite simply, we want to make it as easy as possible for clients to understand the aims and objectives of the funds they invest in. As part of the renaming, we have taken the opportunity to ensure all fund names best reflect the underlying investment strategies.

The name changes mean clients will be able to better understand the aims and objectives of the funds they invest in.

In all our communications, we have clearly highlighted that clients do not need to do anything as the changes do not affect the way their investments are managed in any way.

Throughout the process we have been in direct communications with all parties, from intermediaries to end customers, to make them aware of the changes we are making.

Clients will simply start to see the BMO name within fund and legal entity names, in addition to the marketing and fund literature, where it is already utilised in the majority of our distribution channels. Within the direct-to-consumer channel, the look and feel has already transitioned to the BMO style, and the BMO name will now become much more prominent. We are also taking this opportunity to change the name of a small number of funds where we believe a change in name makes sense to better align the fund name with the fund’s objectives. This was communicated to clients and the media last month (10 October 2018).

The majority of funds have simply been renamed from F&C to BMO. There are a limited number of funds where we have taken this opportunity to better align the name with the objectives of the fund.

We have worked with providers to make the name changes on their platforms and update the KIIDS and KIDS in line with our planned timings.

No. Existing bank accounts and payment methods will remain the same. We are updating the name on our bank accounts to the relevant new legal entity names, but the account details will be unchanged.  

Following the name change later this year, any payments you currently make to or receive from F&C will show as BMO on your bank statement. You do not need to take any action.

Our contact details are not changing. Our telephone numbers stay the same. Addresses stay the same, with reference to F&C in the names updated to BMO. Our website and email addresses will remain the same, except within our direct to consumer channel where our website and email addresses will change to align under the BMO brand and customers using the old addresses will automatically be forwarded to the new addresses once the changes go live.

We are changing the name on the F&C legal entities. This is a change of name only and the underlying entities remain the same. Those with existing contracts in place have been/are being notified.

We are part of the BMO Financial Group, which is owned by the Bank of Montreal, Canada’s oldest bank, established in 1817. Today, we manage assets for financial institutions, pension funds and private individuals.

There will be no changes to any share class codes or any of our company registration numbers

Current Legal Entity Name New Legal Entity Name
F&C Management Limited BMO Asset Management Limited
F&C Asset Management plc BMO Asset Management (Holdings) plc
F&C Fund Management Limited BMO Fund Management Limited
F&C Investment Business Limited BMO Investment Business Limited
F&C Managers Limited BMO Managers Limited
F&C Asset Management Services Limited BMO Asset Management (Services) Limited
F&C Asset Managers Limited BMO Asset Managers Limited
F&C Management Luxembourg S.A. BMO Asset Management Luxembourg S.A.
F&C Portugal, Gestão de Patrimónios, S.A. BMO Portugal, Gestão de Patrimónios, S.A.
F&C Netherlands B.V. BMO Asset Management Netherlands B.V.
Thames River Multi-Capital LLP BMO AM Multi-Manager LLP
Current Umbrella Name New Umbrella Name
F&C Fund of Funds ICVC BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC IX
F&C High Income Fund BMO Diversified Monthly Income Fund
F&C Institutional Investment Funds ICVC BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC IV
F&C Institutional Investment Solutions ICVC BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC X
F&C Investment Funds ICVC BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC
F&C Investment Funds ICVC II BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC II
F&C Investment Funds ICVC III BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC III
F&C MM Lifestyle Investment Funds ICVC BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC VI
F&C Multi-Capital Funds ICVC BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC VII
F&C Portfolios Fund BMO Investments (Lux) I Fund
F&C Property Growth & Income Fund Limited BMO Property Growth & Income Feeder Fund Limited
F&C Property Growth and Income Fund BMO Property Growth & Income Fund ICVC
F&C Responsible Investment Funds ICVC BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC V
F&C True Styles Portfolios ICVC BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC VIII
F&C UK Property Feeder Fund BMO UK Property Feeder Fund
F&C UK Property Fund ICVC BMO UK Property Fund ICVC
Traditional Funds Plc BMO Investments III (Ireland) plc