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Coronavirus and climate change

We consider the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on climate change.
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BMO Responsible Global Equity Strategy ESG Profile and Impact Report 2020
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Life after lockdown: what’s next for markets?

Steven Bell Webinar – 30 July 2020

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4 min read

The most useless results season ever? … part 2

David Moss, co-head Global Equities, argues the case for looking beyond the latest set of results and focusing on long-term prospects.

5 min read

The most useless results season ever?

Sense check – quarterly results: David Moss, Co-Head of Global Equities, discusses Q1 results and what to expect from them.

3 min read

Europe – why focusing on great businesses, not the macro, makes sense

At its June meeting, the European Central Bank’s president, Mario Draghi, sent a clear signal that all is not well with the European economy.

6 min read

Oil anyone? No thanks…..

I posted a comment on LinkedIn the other day, which was immediately pounced on!

6 min read

ESG - a fundamental consideration

It is now a daily occurrence to see an article in the financial press, praising the merits of environmental, social and governance (ESG)

6 min read

Seeking the quality tech in European equities

What’s very clear though is that product and customer service still matter

6 min read

Sustainability: the fabric of good business

As consumers, we are becoming increasingly aware of the production process of our goods

6 min read

Forecasting: a fool’s game?

You’d be hard pressed to find an investor who is not familiar with the concept of behavioural finance.