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The trust aims to deliver an attractive level of income together with the potential for income and capital growth from investment in a diversified UK commercial property portfolio. It offers investors prime exposure to commercial property assets.

BMO Real Estate Investment Trust AGM

The Company is holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 17 November 2020. Due to UK Government Covid-19 guidance on public distancing and the restrictions on public gatherings, the Board has taken the difficult decision to amend the format of this year’s meeting, and it will be attended only by the minimum number of members sufficient to form a quorum. The AGM presentation and other key documents will be available to download after the conclusion of the meeting.

Covid-19 Updates

During the current uncertain times, it’s important to understand how your investments may be affected. We are regularly publishing market updates on our website which can be found on our Covid-19 page. Below you’ll also find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the impact of Covid-19 on property investment trusts.

Stock markets worldwide have seen sharp falls since the pandemic gained traction. The real estate sector has also seen significant downward movements in share prices. This likely reflects the concerns investors have about the impact the virus will have on businesses ability to pay rent and the implications this may have on both future dividends and property valuations.

Property valuations are performed on a quarterly basis by external professional valuers. The next valuation date for both BMO Commercial Property Trust and BMO Real Estate Investments is at the end of March 2020 and both Companies will announce the result of their valuations as soon as is practically possible in April. We have been advised that industry standard wording for independent valuations performed as at 31 March 2020 will include a statement highlighting Material Valuation Uncertainty.

Material uncertainty is a technical tool that is available to The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) registered valuers of commercial property. It can be used to qualify asset valuations in markets where there is considerable uncertainty due to “unforeseen financial, macro-economic, legal, political or even natural events”. Following measures being announced by the UK Government relating to COVID-19, the valuation community felt that the current situation across wider markets had materially changed and agreed that a material uncertainty clause should be implemented across all UK property sectors.

Only open-ended property funds, with more than 20% invested in immovable assets, have been suspended from dealing.

The dealing suspensions are due to the independent valuers declaring material uncertainty in relation to the valuation of the underlying property assets. These suspensions are not related to liquidity.

No. One of the key benefits of the closed end structure adopted by investment companies and REITs is that investor flows are reflected in the share prices and there is therefore no requirement to sell properties to meet redemptions.

Yes, again, unlike open-ended funds that have been suspended during this time of stress our property investment trusts remain listed and freely tradeable in the usual manner.

Peter Lowe - Fund manager interview

Peter Lowe - Director and Fund Manager Property Funds
Discover how Peter Lowe – Director and Fund Manager in Property funds, has gone from pursuing a career in the RAF, travelling South America to managing property funds today.

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