Responsible about investment

At BMO we invest with a purpose – to boldly grow the good.

Responsible investment runs deep

It is fundamentally integrated into how we seek opportunity, manage risk and operate.

Leading thinkers

We are thought leaders with a Responsible Investment team that is one of the largest and most experienced in the industry. The team’s specialist expertise, research and insights reach further than our direct investment activities and form a leading voice for positive investing across our industry and beyond.

Hardwired into our processes

Together with input from our Responsible Investment team, our active investment teams all consider material ESG issues when making security selection decisions. ESG factors are systematically integrated into our investment processes with a view to reducing risk and improving returns over the long term.

We’re active owners

Our approach to active ownership focuses on considered engagement and thoughtful voting, and is one of the main ways we seek to improve standards of behavior around ESG factors in the companies we invest in. We always exercise our proxy votes to influence positive change in how firms do business.

Product innovators

We offer an evolving range of Responsible products. Since launching Europe’s first ethical pooled strategy in 1984, we’ve continued to create award-winning ranges drawing on our Exclusion-based, Sustainability-focused or Impact-orientated components. We also provide an engagement and voting overlay service reo®.

A+ rated

United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (Strategy and Governance) & founding signatory

+ years

of ESG solutions

+ years

of engagement

companies engaged in 2019

engagements in 2019

Positive changes achieved in 2019

The UNPRI assessment methodology is available at:

BMO Global Asset Management’s full Transparency Report is available from

Positive changes achieved are not a guarantee of future performance.

Capabilities that count

Three areas form the backbone of our investment capabilities: Equity, Fixed Income and Alternatives. We offer specialist strategies within each of these areas, but they also come together globally to support our growing range of innovative Multi-Asset Solutions, designed for today’s investors.

Above all, whatever the solution or strategy, at BMO Global Asset Management, Responsible Investment runs deep and lies at the core of our approach – and underpins everything we do.

BMO Investment Capabilities Five Core Capabilities

BMO Investment Capabilities Stack 2

Watch our video to learn more about our investment proposition.

Our purpose

Working together with our customers, our employees and our communities, we look for opportunities to accelerate positive change, united in the belief that success can be mutual. We’ve never been clearer about why we do what we do. As we move forward, acting with confidence in the face of change, we sum up our convictions in a simple statement of purpose:


BOLDLY GROW THE GOOD in business and life

CSR commitments

For a sustainable future

Mobilising $400 billion for sustainable finance by 2025

For a thriving economy

Doubling support for small businesses and for women entrepreneurs

For an inclusive society

Reducing barriers for an inclusive society to inclusion for employees, customers and stakeholders partnering with BMO

CSR Global Initiatives

Since our parent company BMO Financial Group opened its doors in 1817, we’ve strived to raise hope and give back to the communities around us. Our promise ‘we’re here to help’ applies beyond our clients to the wider world. Social responsibility is inextricably linked to our purpose as an organisation; we’re driven to lead positive change and endeavour to be creative in our approach.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Charitable Giving

The Employee Giving Campaign is an annual initiative open to all employees across North America and expat employees working in our North American divisions, offering them the opportunity to donate to a registered non-profit organisation of their choice.

Every June, thousands of employees donate their time to BMO Volunteer Day, supporting a wide range of local charities. The campaign extended to employees in the UK and Ireland for the first time in 2018.

As part of a BMO global initiative, we support Ronald McDonald House Charities, fundraising and volunteering to help provide a place for families to call home while their child is cared for in hospital.

Thought Leadership

We are thought leaders with a Responsible Investment team that is one of the largest and most experienced in the industry. The team’s specialist expertise, research and insights reach further than our direct investment activities and form a leading voice for positive investing across our industry and beyond.

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