Hamish Mair

Managing Director, Head of Private Equity, Private Equity

Hamish Mair is a Director and Head of the Private Equity team at BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA) and is the manager of BMO Private Equity Trust plc. He is also a General Partner of F&C European Capital Partners LP, The Aurora Fund LP, F&C Climate Opportunity Partners LP and F&C European Capital Partners II LP.
Hamish has 28 years of investment experience, of which 24 years are in private equity. Hamish joined BMO Global Asset Management in June 2005 when the private equity business of Martin Currie was acquired by F&C along with the management contract for Martin Currie Capital Return Trust (now BMO Private Equity Trust). As head of the team he has overall responsibility for the investment performance of the trust and the limited partnership funds, as well as the business development of the firm’s private equity business. Hamish was with Martin Currie for 15 years, the last 9 as a director. In addition to private equity Hamish has managed investment trusts and other funds in the smaller companies sector and began his time at Martin Currie in the Far East team. Before Martin Currie Hamish was an investment analyst with Robert Fleming Asset Management. He graduated with a first class honours degree in Geography from Aberdeen University in 1988 and in 1996 received an MBA from Edinburgh University. He is an Associate of the UK Society of Investment Professionals and is a member of the advisory boards and committees of several private equity funds.

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