Jitzes Noorman

Director, Portfolio Manager & Delegated CIO, Fiduciary NL

Jitzes Noorman joined BMO Global Asset Management in 2011 and is Delegated CIO in the Fiduciary Management team of BMO Global Asset Management. He is responsible for the investment portfolio of several pension funds. Before joining the firm, he was employed at MN Services as senior fund manager Special Investments and Hedge Funds. Moreover, he has worked for Rabobank International for ten years, among others as Credit Structurer, Fixed Income Strategist and Monetary Economist. He also was involved with the FTK Pension Fund Advisory Team of Rabobank International. Jitzes Noorman has attained a Master’s Degree (cum laude) in Macro Economics at the University of Groningen, and is a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst.

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