International Equities

Pyrford International’s goal is to provide consistent long-term returns and highly personalized service to clients around the globe. By adhering to a strict combination of value and quality, we seek to limit potential downside risk while participating in market upswings.

Quality and value: Pyrford’s investment philosophy

For Pyrford International, the best path to sustainable returns with low absolute volatility comes from investing in a strict combination of value and quality. Not one or the other, it has to be both.

Quality and value Pyrfords investment philosophy
Disciplined investment process

Our consistent, rigorous investment process strives to achieve low absolute volatility and low downside capture.

Focus on capital preservation

Our philosophy is centered on capital preservation by focusing on low downside capture and an absolute approach.

Value and quality

We seek to invest in companies with high quality business models, sustainable earnings and low leverage at attractive valuations.

* International equity strategy or fund managed by BMO’s U.S.-based Disciplined Equities Team

Tony Cousins, MA (Hons), CFA
Chief Executive & Chief Investment Officer, Pyrford International
Paul Simons, MA (Hons), CFA
Head of Portfolio Management, Asia-Pacific & Chair, ESG Forum
Daniel McDonagh, MA (Hons), CFA
Head of Portfolio Management - Europe & UK
Suhail Arain
Head of Portfolio Management, North America
Peter Moran, MA (Hons), CFA
Portfolio Manager - Europe & UK
Nabil Irfan, BSc (Hons), CFA
Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Manager - Asia-Pacific
Stefan Bain, MSc
Portfolio Manager - Asia-Pacific

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Sorry, this world is closed for business.

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December 2019

Energy transition in developing Asia: Critical to the success of addressing climate change

We traveled to Thailand, China and Hong Kong to engage with 10 Asian energy companies to encourage actions aligning emissions to Paris Agreement goals.


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